3 Reasons Why Custom Web Design is Better than Templates

A poor Web design can literally make or break your site and effect your business. Make sure to consult a SEO Agency prior to redesigning to get the best out of your web design.

Some will argue that Web design has suffered a decline because templates are now a ruling class. Of course, there are developers and marketers who beg to differ. If there’s one thing the two sides can agree on, it’s that the Web design of your Los Angeles business is crucial for the management of your online reputation and image.

A poor Web design can literally make or break your site. Users are more likely to leave a site with a whacky design, which leads to high bounce rates in your analytics. This is especially the case for mobile device users, who have little patience and high expectations.

Hopefully, the website you create is responsive, so that it is accessible to all users, no matter the device they’re using. An SEO agency in Los Angeles can audit your Website design and offer advice about fixing it.

So back to the debate – templates vs. custom designs.

Templates Are Easy and Cheap! (but Not Worth it!)

This is an argument that won’t win because we all know cheap and easy isn’t always the best, especially when it comes to business. The problem here is that you get what you pay for. Your audience, whether they’re consumers or business owners, will not browse through a site that appears cheesy and low-end – it screams scam artist and quality assurance issues.

Your Search Engine Optimization Isn’t as Effective

If you hire professional SEO services, the experts will tell you the downside of using templates for your Web design. One downside is that it will ruin your search engine optimization. A lot of small business owners attempt to install templates themselves, which normally consists of switching content management systems and Web hosts. This is fine, but the problem lies now with the issues caused by 404s and other types of broken links. Search engines really don’t like this, so second guess doing your own site design and management – your online reputation is on the line!

You’ll Fall Into the Crowd – Rather than Standing Out

If there’s one thing your online reputation management strategy should focus on, it’s standing out from your competition. But if you have a template design that showcases you’re just like the rest, how will you compete? Surely, your biggest competition are using customized designs that are high quality and offer a great user experience. Instead of focusing on getting your site up fast, focus on getting a site up that your target customer will love.

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