Reputation Management Services

What is reputation for your business ?

How would you feel if the first thing a prospective client saw about your company was “I received the worst service here! DO NOT PATRONIZE” ? Do you think this opinion would influence their decision in doing business with your company? You bet it would!

Remember, most questions today begin with a search. All information about you is available with just a few keystrokes.Reputation is the most important quality for your company. In order to have a successful business, it’s a must that you actively monitor your brand and anything being written about it.

Reputation management tips you can use

Respond or ignore negative reviews? Our immediate response to negative reviews is to respond. When it comes to Online reputation management, there is a delicate balance between response and ignore. Responding may help change their opinion and allow other clients to see you care. However, any activity with the website that has your negative comment will only optimize, or rank higher, in search engines, making that negative comment easier to find. Not sure which step is right for your situation? I Think an Idea will be happy to help! Promote the creation of positive reviews. Like with anything we love, we tend to be overprotective. You may find that your customers will combat negative reviews for you. Try to discourage this. Encourage them to post positive remarks on their websites or on yours, including any of your social media profiles or business and product review sites like Yelp, Amazon, and Foursquare. Post these positive reviews anywhere but on the website that has the negative review is on. An abundance of positive comments on other websites will rank higher than the website with the negative comment. Don’t fall for scam services. There are so many scams that extort you for your money. If you ever hear “we can remove this negative comment for $500”, run! Don’t be surprised if that negative comment pops up on another website and that same service for $500 is offered.

What reputation management offers you

Online Reputation Management Services is critical to your online success. It should be used as a preventative measure. Often times, reputation management Services is only considered after a reputation-damaging event happens. Reputation management calls for technical experience. I Think an Idea offers you only the most experienced professionals to help you maintain a positive reputation.

Amplify your positive reviews

Building your reputation and credibility is one of the hardest things; ruining it only takes one comment. Think of reputation management as online public relations.Our team at I Think an Idea understands that reputation management is a long-term commitment. We help keep the positive reviews in the spotlight and let any negative reviews disappear into oblivion.

Online Reputation Management is a tricky venture. At I Think an Idea, we focus on promoting and encouraging positive content. Let our professional team do the nitty gritty.

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