ITAI Corporate Video

Any good business sees the value in creating video content. Great videos effectively engage your audience, elicit a response from target clientele and add dimension to your brand. Whether you are intent on crafting a branding video for the first time or building a current video strategy- there are a few key components deciding the success or flop of your corporate videos. When hiring video production services, you should be rightfully discerning with who you choose to handle your video needs. Offering invaluable insight from the SEO Experts at I Think An Idea, we intend to raise the quality of your content tenfold.

The Best Elements of a Corporate Video

  • Engaging
  • Original and Unique Footage (use of drone footage for example)
  • Great Direction and Verbal Content
  • Quality Sound
  • Good Lighting
  • Location
  • Visual Effects and Graphics
  • Thoughtful Editing and Design Elements

How We Can Enhance Your Video Production and Quality

By offering our professional video service, we guarantee great videos that not only benefit your image and reputation management, but they also speak to the value and high quality of your business. Shooting in both 4K and 8K, we arrive at each location prepared, well equipped, and ready to actualize your vision. We cater to your business needs and individual identity and ensure that the shooting day is productive and will produce footage that everyone feels great about. That includes shooting logistics, artistic direction, content guides, sound quality, location scouting, and top-notch equipment. We offer a hands-on experience, with great videographers who boast years of experience and background in film, production, and editing. When you work with us, you get a comprehensive package that includes everything from the curation of the content, to employment and quality editing to polish the video off. We then take the finished product a step further by marketing and promoting it so it can best serve it’s intended purpose and reach a wide audience.

The hard truth is that when it comes to actually making your web presence work for you, you need to have at least some level of expertise to really game the system. The problem is, most business owners didn’t get into their field because they were just dying to spend all day on Twitter and Facebook. Most local business owners simply saw a community need and tried to fill it, or wanted to finally bring their passion project to life. It can be a huge bummer to start your own business only to realize that in order to make it thrive, you have to develop a whole new, totally foreign skillset.

We offer a wide range of services:.

  • How-To’s (step-by-step)
  • Before and After
  • Animated Commercials
  • Chalkboard Videos (explanation videos)
  • Product Descriptions
  • Infomercials
  • TED videos
  • Corporate Logo Animation
  • After Effects
  • Video Effects

The Art of Great Editing.

Of all the components involved in generating video content, editing is perhaps the most crucial step in the entire process. It doesn’t matter how quality the footage is, or the strength of the direction, if the editing isn’t on par with the intention of the video, all prior efforts were wasted. Working with I Think An Idea will ensure a fantastic editing job- one which caters to the client’s vision and intentions, and one that is tasteful and contemporary. Outdated video editing can easily cheapen your content and lose your audience within seconds. A video should be tailored to the client’s brand identity and display visual cues and even logos throughout that well represent the brand and add value to the experience. Sound quality is another huge facet of good videography- not just in the footage, but in song choice and sound effects.

Going Viral: Video Marketing and Audience Targeting.

You need to work with a company that can effectively optimize your posting online so people will actually see it. It’s not enough to simply slap it up on YouTube and consider it done, or put it on Facebook ads. You want the people who are searching for your product to find you easily and quickly. All of the SEO work we specialize in caters toward promoting video footage and appealing to your target market. What is the benefit of having a great video when nobody will ever see it? In order to be effective, marketing must come into play. We make use of adding video descriptions, tags, targeting specific keywords and spreading the video across a myriad of social media platforms. Our invaluable insight on Youtube SEO, video online reputation management and corporate video production make us one of the most well-rounded SEO companies in Los Angeles. Our employment of these helpful modalities will garner the attention your video deserves- growing your business and adding value to your company.


 What sets a good video apart from a great one? How does one produce a viral video? For us, we aim to Connect, Engage and Entertain. Working with I Think An Idea will help establish your company’s online presence, enhance your video content and craft a solid brand identity.

If you’re ready to put your company in the hands of L.A.’s best affordable SEO and social media marketing company, we’re ready to transform the way you do business. Reach out to us today for a consultation. We can’t wait to work with you to make your brand the best it can possibly be.