Publicity And Events

Expose your brand

With the abundance of options, customers look past the name and the product. They want to know the company behind the product and/or service. This brand is your distinguishing point and publicity advertises it.

Publicity can be used to inform several groups of people: current customers, potential clients, vendors, suppliers, and potential partners. Tell them why they should be working with you!

A well-planned event increases your publicity!

Provide trials for hesitant clients. Events allow hesitant clients to meet you and try out your product or service. Allowing them to see your product or service at work will reassure them that you are the company to support. This is your opportunity so dazzle them. Not sure how? I Think an Idea will help you create a thorough event to showcase you at your best. Create partnerships, grow clientele. Publicity creates partnerships that expand your clientele. Use this to your advantage and partner with other businesses in your community. While publicity attracts those who know your business, partnerships attract those who aren’t familiar with your business. Win-win! Bring attention to your company. Publicity is simply that: to bring attention. The more publicity you have, the more your name gets out there.

Why do you need to publicize

In today’s competitive market, how do you differentiate yourself? On top of that, how do you let people know what makes you different? This is where publicity comes into play. Publicity tells people who you are. The end result for any company is to build clientele and earn money. How you achieve this is your competitive advantage. At I Think an Idea, we tell your community your story and publicize it in a manner that is most appropriate to reach your target audience. The end result? Higher revenues!

Get your name out there

Whether it is helping with announcing new products or services, updating clients on any changes within your company, promoting an event, or anything in-between, we know how to publicize the information to maximize your voice. It is time that your community recognizes the valuable company that you are. Give I Think an Idea the opportunity to help you achieve the success and recognition your company has deserved for so long.

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