A professional SEO services provider like I Think An Idea in Los Angeles knows that the best SEO results are achieved by blending many techniques together to achieve best results.

Since every business is unique, SEO techniques for each company must also be unique. Concepts that work for Local SEO services may not work for companies whose SEO target is National or Global.

Let's Make a Plan!

Marketing for Global SEO is much different than for National or Local SEO. Keep reading to see the basic strategy for our SEO ranking process.

Find Your SEO Groove with ITAI

These days, it’s harder than ever to make your mark online, even if you have every tool at your disposal. So many local businesses rely on Google and social media to bring new eyes to their website, but even a ton of site traffic doesn’t necessarily translate to sales.

The hard truth is that when it comes to actually making your web presence work for you, you need to have at least some level of expertise to really game the system. The problem is, most business owners didn’t get into their field because they were just dying to spend all day on Twitter and Facebook.

Most local business owners simply saw a community need and tried to fill it, or wanted to finally bring their passion project to life. It can be a huge bummer to start your own business only to realize that in order to make it thrive, you have to develop a whole new, totally foreign skillset.

But there’s another way.


At I Think an Idea, SEO and social media strategy is our business. We take it very seriously, which is why we’re one of L.A.’s top rated SEO services. Clients from Venice, Santa Monica, and all across Southern L.A. come to us to make sure their businesses thrive online. Using a signature mix of SEO, PPC management, reputation management, and affordable, sleek web design, we’re prepared to give your business a total makeover. 


Helping your site or social pages perform better is what we do. As a full-service SEO agency providing affordable SEO and social media marketing tools to tons of businesses across Southern California, we pride ourselves on knowing how to direct traffic to sites that otherwise might have fallen under the radar in a Google search. 


Which is why we use our extensive knowledge of local SEO to redirect views to your page. No business wants to show up on the 5th page of a Google search, and if you want your company to survive in the modern era, it’s not enough to just show up on page one. If you want your revenue to increase, you need to make sure your online reputation stays clean and protected.

That’s just one of our many areas of expertise.

As a top-rated SEO service taking on clients from across Southern California, we pride ourselves on giving businesses the help they need when it comes to social media management, reputation control, and PPC management. No brand wants to find itself at the center of a scandal, especially in today’s hyper-connected world. We won’t just protect you from saying the wrong thing online. We’ll make sure that clients find your page and are greeted with knowledgeable, expert content that they can’t find anywhere else. If you’re ready to put your company in the hands of L.A.’s best affordable SEO and social media marketing company, we’re ready to transform the way you do business. Reach out to us today for a consultation. We can’t wait to work with you to make your brand the best it can possibly be.