How Local Businesses Can Leverage Twitter Successfully

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What methods are you using to ensure your local business continues to get business from new and old customers? There has been a major influx in the amount of users on the Internet, especially on social media. It makes sense why an SEO agency would tell your Los Angeles-based company to focus on social media marketing.

Just because your business is a traditional brick and mortar company, doesn’t mean you have to use traditional methods of advertising. Not only are these methods outdated, but they’re too expensive! Why spend more money on techniques that generate okay results, when you can spend considerably less on methods that can really help send foot traffic to your store in droves?

This is the very concept social media marketing companies in Los Angeles are promoting to local businesses like yours. There are many platforms you can choose from for this purpose, but the one we’ll focus on today is Twitter.

Here are a few tips to help your small business to successfully leverage your Twitter account.

Getting Started

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, don’t worry. You can create one on your own or with the assistance of an SEO agency. The expert there can also provide business development consulting to ensure your efforts are building your business up.

The steps for creating a new Twitter account is fairly simple. Pick a user name (preferably your brand name or a variation of it, if it was already taken). The photo you choose can be a professional image of the owner or of the logo. Just make sure it’s high quality. Fill in the details about your company on your profile, like your business name, location, mission, etc.

Search for Followers

Once you’re all set up, you can begin following others. Start with those you know, like family and friends. Then look for those in your industry that you can network with (preferably those within your locale). You’ll be surprised how willing other brands are to follow you back.

Listen More and Tweet Smart

You don’t want to use your Twitter account like a bullhorn to promote your business and its products or services. Twitter is about connecting with your audience, so make sure you’re listening to the conversations going on in the feeds. Participate and share info or insights on topics relevant to them.

If you need assistance with your Twitter strategy, contact an SEO agency today!

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