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Fun for Everyone – Event Planning and Party Rental Services

To Whom It May Concern:

Owning and operating a rental company can be a difficult yet challenging business.  Finding a web company to grasp new clients and customers can be even more difficult. Thanks to Hugh and his amazing company my business will be exceeding all of my expectations.  The service and dedication of his company and coworkers has been phenomenal.

Being in a business and in a market that rapidly changes Hugh and I Think an Idea makes changes immediately as requested to exceed the pace of web and social media.  His service has been exceptional and the results have been enticing.

It is nice to collaborate with an agency that will capitalize on the promises they instill.   I am looking forward to the future with Hugh and his aggressive company and all the great business and leads they continue to generate!!!:)

Thanks Again!

– Rod

Sapanaro, Inc. – Expert Witness Services

Medical/Hospital – Personal Injury – Product Liability Experts

Assisting Trial Lawyers since 1974

To  I Think an Idea:

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your efforts regarding our SEO campaign.  Your quality, professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond have been very appreciated.  From the start of our association I Think an Idea has been both responsive to our needs and concerns and helpful in resolving any issues that have arisen.

Your staff has proven to be both knowledgable and professional.  I have the utmost confidence in your organization’s ability to provide exemplary SEO services.

Best regards,

– Kelly


Saponaro, Inc.

The Health Revolution – Naturopathic Doctor

To Whom It May Concern,

I Think An Idea’s digital marketing team are quite dynamic. The team guided the “Health Revolution Team” from start to finish from website development to marketing and branding online.  Though I now know that a website is never really finished. As Julie, the Creative Design Director of I Think An Idea, says, “it’s like a store front window and you don’t want it to be the same throughout the year.” This statement helped our team realize that a website is alive and not stagnant which made the project more fun and creative for us.

Honestly, we had no idea how much time and energy goes into creating a website. Basically, there was a steep learning curve on how much work goes on behind the scenes to connect all the dots.  Their leadership and experience gently guided us along the way to ensure a finished product, which reflects The Health Revolution’s services, mission and purpose.

I love the site, it’s amazing! I would recommend I Think An Idea to anyone willing to step up to the plate with a vision of a website that is user friendly, mobile friendly and has some sparkle and pizzazz.

As for the logo, we went back and forth and once we decided on the image of our concept, Julie made sure the lines, shape and color fit into place with our mission.

– Jade


Naturopathic Doctor

Modern Stainless Ladders – Specialty Doors

We have been successfully using a brilliant SEO firm called “I Think an Idea” for the past 9 months.  Since joining forces with this progressive group our SEO rankings have improved on three of our sites and sales have jumped up 10%.

They have updated our sites to mobile friendly and totally improved our overall look and image.

This is our third SEO company to date and they have done a terrific job of providing fast and creative ideas and services.

– Tom


Modern Stainless Ladders – Specialty Doors

Fresh Breath of Hair – Wedding Services

“The new site looks great!  Yes! We love it.

It looks wonderful and everything is working just the way it’s supposed to.”

– Ariella


Fresh Breath of Hair

The Salt Studio Spa

“I Think An Idea was the most attentive of all the companies I called and they answered all my questions very timely.”

I have a small wellness center and our website needed some optimizing. After some research, I decided that I Think An Idea was the company to go with. They were the most attentive of all the companies I called and he answered all my questions very timely.

We are now almost 3 months into our SEO and we have been receiving more phone calls and new clients that find us on the web.

I’m happy with I Think An Idea account managers for being very available and working with me as I don’t have time or the mind to deal with making our website work the best it can. They fixed a lot of problems that were wrong with the site and I’m glad I chose them.

– Owner

The Salt Studio Spa



“I Think An Idea provided our on-line Table Tennis products company, “Newgy Industries” with a great experience and excellent service. Hugh and his staff were both understanding to our needs as well as our style of communication. Hugh’s team worked openly with our group and shared their knowledge and experience of how to really improve your results when selling products on-line. This style and unique approach of working with our company made for a very enjoyable experience which led to a successful improvement in our sales presentation on the Internet. In just a few short months our keyword ranking improved as did our organic traffic.”

We looking forward working with I Think An Idea again in the Near Future!

– Joey


Cartoon Characters


I created my original website using a template. Although I was proud of myself, nothing on the site was working the way I wanted and no one, other than me, could find my website, I was completely frustrated. At one point I was thinking that there is no way I can have a successful online business.

I hired I Think an Idea to redesign my site, market it online and consult me on how to get more sales. They created a site that attracted more customers and gave me advice such as creating an 800 number and other functions like the inquiry form (my favorite). With the inquiry form I just get all these inquiries in my mail box from potential clients and all I have to do is call them back and sign them up for my service. Within a short period of time my business increased over 60% and the advice they gave me made a huge impact on my business. I started getting clients like corporations and higher level clients. I actually needed hire an assistant to help with my business.

I would definitely refer I think an idea to anyone who wants to grow their business online.


Temple Judea Early Childhood Center

Temple Judea Logo

All of us here at Temple Judea Early Childhood Center want to express our thanks for the generous contribution of your time and efforts in making our Fall Kickoff Show/Mini Carnival such an enormous success.

Your participation and involvement ensured that more than 400 guests at the event had a wonderful time.

Temple Judea


NBC Logo

Thank you so much for your work on our 1997 Fall promotion shoot! Your work was extraordinary and you were both a pleasure to have on the set. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and willingness to bear with us through those long days. We look forward to working with you again.

– Molly

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