4 Tools to Improve Your SEO Strategy

In today’s business marketing is about creating great data and content. Businesses who know how to use that data for their marketing will enjoy a long successful future.

Sometimes, it’s not about the strategies you use but the tools you incorporate in your strategy. There are so many available options that can be used to streamline the SEO efforts for your company. SEO companies use these tools all the time for both local and national companies. Knowing the tools available can help ensure your campaigns are executed as effectively as possible.

How can tools help? They can ensure accuracy of data you post on directories, help with keyword selection and allow you to collect and analyze data about your campaigns. You should consider using the following four tools for your company’s SEO campaign.


This is a cool tool that can be used for a company managing a local SEO campaign. This will help ensure that the details people find online about your business is up-to-date. Don’t underestimate the damage that can be caused by having the wrong address and phone numbers online. Plus, all of the new directories that come along will collect and post this old data, making it harder for people to find the correct info.


Keywords are essential for a successful SEO campaign. When supplying your business details to directories, they ask for a list of relevant keywords, which helps people find your company. You can use this tool to find keywords that are related to your type of business and that you can actually rank for. It shows the frequency keywords are searched and the competition, allowing you to choose more wisely.

Advice Local

Businesses with multiple locations can use this tool to manage directory listing and monitor their reputation across different review sites. It can also be used to help clean up citations, among other things.


Speaking of citations, this tool is excellent for this. Building citations is an issue a lot of local businesses have troubles with. You can use this to locate directories to post your business and then watch the citations grow and hopefully improve your rankings for local searches. To date, this is the best tool to use because it’s the only one that shows you up to 500 citation sources per key phrase. Some SEO companies use this to keep an eye on competitors.

The tools you equip will determine how successful your search engine optimization strategy will be. Try these out to see if you can get your local business up in the ranks.

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