Online Reputation Building Can Boost SEO

A SEO agency implements online reputation management services to boost your image, as well as your search engine ranking.

Just about everything you do on the Web can affect your search engine optimization. This is why you have to be careful about what you implement into your strategy. A lot of businesses fail to realize that SEO is about much more than keywords. When an SEO agency in Los Angeles implements online reputation management services, it’s doing so to boost your image, as well as your search engine ranking. There are various ways you can use online reputation building to boost your ranks.

Here are a few of the ways online reputation building has shown to improve SEO.

Generates Lots of Traffic – When Done Right

Not all online reputation management strategies work out for the best. The SEO agency you employ should have a knack for knowing what to do and what not to do. We’ve seen “experts” destroy reputations and rankings. But when done the right way, we’ve also seen experts pull websites up to the top ten on Google.

Reputation building normally consists of social media marketing, which is a great way to generate traffic. It also consists of being promoted on related blogs, which refer traffic to your site. These both count as inbound links, which is great for search engine optimization.

Google’s Algorithm Looks for This

Google doesn’t directly implement online reputation building into it’s algorithm, but it does consider how valuable your brand is to audiences. So if your brand building is going well, then Google will recognize it and push your website up in the ranks. One signal Google watches for is your social media presence. If a lot of people are liking, commenting on and sharing your posts, then that show the relevancy and value of your content.

It Attracts Links

As we’ve already mentioned, brand building can help with inbound links. When other reputable bloggers, videographers and social media gurus start to take notice of your brand – and like it – they will start linking to your site. This is an effective way to do link building.

Link building is still an important factor for search engine optimization. But in the past, businesses took advantage of this by buying links from inauthentic sites. After the Penguin update rolled out Spring of 2012, that all changed. All of those sites were penalized and their ranks were ripped from them.

It takes a lot of work to build links the right way, but it’s worth it. An SEO agency can smooth out the process by reaching out to bloggers and publications, as well as writing and sending out press releases and articles.

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