New Tools To Enhance Marketing Efforts!

A reputable SEO company knows the impact social media has on search engine rankings which is why they incorporate content marketing with social media marketing.

You’ll find that the core of most Internet marketing strategies today revolve around content marketing and social media marketing. These are literally essential if you want to build up your brand and potentially earn yourself more business. SEO services companies in Los Angeles have intertwined their content marketing services with social media because they understand the impact social media has on search engine optimization.

If you look at social networks, you’ll see that the most popularly used have over a billion users. WhatsApp is one that has more than one billions users and Facebook, as of 2015, has almost 1.5 billion users. The amount of people sharing videos on mobile devices is over 44 percent. That’s staggering, given the fact that is a 74 percent increase from 2014 and an 844 percent increase from 2012.

The people are there waiting to eat up the content you push out, so all you have to do is figure out what they want to read and watch and how to get it in front of them. The key is to leverage your content and the channels you use to connect with your audience. It can be difficult doing this while operating a business, which is why you should consider hiring an SEO company in Los Angeles that offers top-tier services.

Meanwhile, you can learn about the various tools out there today that can help improve your digital marketing efforts.

Automate Content Curation with Quuu

This is a tool that enables you to put your content curation on autopilot. It works in tandem with Buffer, ensuring that your content is the most relevant to your audience. Curating content is one of the most time-consuming factors in content marketing. The great thing about it is that it’s not curated by a bunch of computerized robots – instead, it’s hand picked by actual people. There are only to methods to feeding you audience consistent content – either creating it yourself or curating it. You’ll find SEO experts providing this service in L.A.

Compare Content Using SumoRank

Who has the time to scroll back through their social media posts to analyze which got the most likes, comments and shares? This is what makes SumoRank an appealing tool. It gathers the data for you, so you can analyze it. It allows you to see monthly engagement per post and will even let you know how many characters were used in your most popular posts. It will go through everything – your videos, text, shares and images.

Manage Video Posts with Brightcove

If you’re into creating video for Periscope, Vine, YouTube and SnapChat, you can use Brightcove to manage it for you. You can quickly publish your content on multiple venues at the push of a button. Plus, it allows you to watch the performance of the videos in your campaigns.

Schedule Posts with Buffer

Buffer makes it easier for you to manage your social media profiles by allowing you to schedule your posts well in advance. It helps you find the best times of day to schedule the posts, so that more of your audience more likely to see it. All you have to do is add content, select the times you want them posted and to which social media profiles.

Find What’s Working with Cyfe

The key to any content marketing strategy succeeding is to analyze what’s working and what’s not. Cyfe is an analytical tool that helps you to pinpoint this. It’s ideal for social media management, since it delivers reports from your AdWords campaigns, Google Analytics, competitive searches, brand mentions and search engine optimization. In real time, you can monitor and manage your campaigns.

Consult with a SEO services company in Los Angeles today to see which tools would benefit your marketing efforts. You can also use the Web design services offered for your small business in Los Angeles.

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