Tips to Marketing “Uncool” Brands Online!

Hire a SEO company if you think your brand is too “uncool” and you don’t have much to say. There are ways to make your brand stand out.

We’ve all seen our fair share of boring brands. Think of companies like General Electric and Shell – what could they possibly do to connect with the end user using social media? It’s kind of hard to imagine what their online reputation management strategy would look like. A lot of “uncool” brands are dealing with this very same problem. And unless you can think up an innovative way to connect with users, you risk having your efforts ignored. This is normally where an SEO company steps in. Consulting with their business development experts can do wonders for your Online Reputation Management.

What you’ll learn is that there are ways to make your brand stand out, even if it hasn’t made it to the cool kids’ table.

GE Did a Great Job of This

One company that was able to stand out for something other than its boring products was General Electric. Remember the “Hey Girl” comments that went viral on Pinterest, which featured Ryan Gosling? GE decided to take this idea and run away with it by posting their own “Hey Girl” memes, like the one with Albert Einstein, which read “Hey girl, I heard you like music, so I invented the phonograph.”

There were also other GE-related themes like the meme that said “Hey girl, our love will burn longer than a tungsten filament in a vacuum-sealed bulb.”

Needless to say, these caught traction and did their online reputation building some justice.

How Can Your Brand Go Viral?

There are a few ways you can possibly pull off a viral campaign, especially with the help of an SEO company. Educating and entertaining are great methods for gaining popularity. Selling car locksmith services isn’t the most exciting thing, but people definitely don’t want to have their homes broken into. To get attention, you could write a compelling piece about how they could safeguard their homes from burglaries.

SafeWise did a great job of this with their piece called “Six Things We Can Learn from the Victims of the Bling Ring.” Great content is known to get people to stick around to check out what else you have to offer.

Add Value Your Audience Will Appreciate

Every post you make on your blog or social media accounts should add some type of value to the lives of your followers. An SEO company can provide content marketing services, which will ensure quality and relevancy for your particular audience.

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