4 Little Known Facts About SEO

Reason WordPress is a platform of choice by many businesses is because it’s easy to use and it has enhanced seo capabilities. But do not make rooky mistakes, make sure your URLs are SEO friendly, check your privacy settings, customize your title and meta tags. There are many other things you need to set up prior to your site getting indexed with google. Seek out help from a SEO agency, if you don’t know how to.

The rules of SEO are always changing. We’ve all seen what happens when you don’t keep your website and content up to date – it gets pushed down in the ranks and sometimes even penalized by the likes of Google. It’s up to you to stay abreast of the new and emerging trends in SEO, even if you decide to hire a professional Internet marketing service in LA. This knowledge will help you to select the best SEO agency in Los Angeles.

Whatever you may already know about search engine optimization, you may not have heard of the following facts.

Viral Content Isn’t Everything

Everyone’s always talking about making their content go viral, which does help some brands bring in tons of new traffic and revenue. The problem is that it’s so unpredictable. It’s very random, so you never know which pieces of content will go viral. Making one piece stand out in a sea of millions is hard work and will drain your energy trying to do so. What you should be focusing on is implementing a good advertising strategy to generate a consistent flow of traffic. And if you’re a local brick-and-mortar company, then going viral shouldn’t be a focus at all.

Duplicate Content Doesn’t Always Hurt SEO

You’ve heard it time and time again that if you’re planning to build a new website, you should relocate the content and delete the old content right away to prevent penalties. The truth is, all you have to do is use canonical tags whenever you republish content on your site. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop reporting sites that have stolen your content. A professional SEO service can be used to properly insert canonical tags when appropriate.

Not All Incoming Links Are Good

Inbound links are a big component in building up your search engine optimization, but not all links are good for business. You don’t want links coming in from domains that are questionable and unrelated to your industry. Doing so can negatively affect your site’s rank in search engines. Like with content, the quality of your links is more important than the quantity.

Everything On Your Site Should Be Relevant

Your website has a main focus, and if it doesn’t, it’s time to reevaluate your efforts. Everything on your site should be geared towards this focus, including your HTML tags, image descriptions, titles, subheadings and other page attributions. So it’s not just about the content people can see, but the code as well.

Make sure that you are paying close attention to the search engine optimization game. If you aren’t, you’re at risk of working with an SEO services company that’s anything but professional.

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