These Strategies Will Solidify Your Online Marketing Efforts

What changes are you planning to make to your marketing strategies this year? If you’re like many other businesses, you’re looking to enhance you online marketing efforts. Now, this is a smart move if you can put together a solid plan to enhance your branding, user engagement and social media presence. An internet marketing agency has the expertise and tools to make this happen.

Your online visibility is definitely worth the investment. If you can get more social media followers, incoming traffic and conversions, then you will easily make back any money spent on services provided by professional SEO services, web designers, PPC management companies and any other entities you decide to outsource to.

The key to all this is to build trust with your customers, and what better way to do that than with content? If you can create content that is relevant and high-value, then you can increase views and shares. It makes your content easier to discover and can potentially go viral. Of course, that’s not the immediate goal, but it’s definitely a possibility.

Any brand that’s looking to solidify their online marketing efforts can use the following tips to help improve your strategies in 2017.

Learn the New Google Algorithms

It’s every internet marketing agency’s top priority to understand the algorithms of Google. This is the main search engine used by consumers, so it’s important to know how to rank in it. Getting high in the SERPs for targeted keywords is essential for increasing relevant traffic and conversion rates.

The issue is Google’s always changing its algorithm, which means businesses and internet marketing agencies have to stay abreast of updates or risk losing their spot in the ranks. Google never publishes its algorithm, so it’s a lot of analyzing and testing to figure things out. The main thing you need to know as a business owner is that Google cares about offering its users the most relevant content possible. If you can write content that is high-quality and relevant, then you’re on the right path. All you need then is the right keywords sprinkled throughout the pieces.

Start Building Your Content Base ASAP

The age of your site and content plays a role in how Google ranks you. If you’ve been around for a while and have been consistently publishing content, it will help to build trust with Google. The age of your content begins the first date it was indexed (not when it’s published). The same for your site, the age of your domain is when it was first indexed, not the day you purchased it. Avoid purchasing a domain and leaving it there to collect virtual dust. That worked decades ago for Search Engine Optimization, but not anymore.

Establish Your Authority

This is another way you can build trust with Google. The best way to prove your authority is to have a quality backlink profile. Your content is key here – if your content is relevant and high-quality, then it will attract quality sites that are already trusted by Google. Once they start linking to your site, your site ranking will begin to improve.

This is easier said than done, and will take a lot of promotion and legwork to pull off. It would help if you had a social media presence and relationships with influencers. Again, this is where an internet marketing agency can assist you.

Your Content Must Be High-Quality

We can’t stress enough the importance of high-quality content. This is content that’s written grammatically correct and that’s relevant to the audience. Your focus should be on creating pieces that people would want to share with others. Social shares combined with great Search Engine Optimization, and you will be well on your way to the first page of Google.

Promote the Heck Out of Your Content

It’s not enough to simply write amazing content. You need to have a strategy that includes promoting your content to various venues. Writing pieces for third-party sites is key for gaining visibility and authority. You should target sites with authority, and that is related to your industry. It wouldn’t make sense to post content on a site where your audience isn’t frequenting.

There are a variety of other strategies you can use to enhance your online marketing this year. This includes improving your website speed, implementing a responsive web design and engaging with users on social media. You should also explore other forms of content, such as pre-recorded and live videos.

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