How Digital Marketing is Helping these Industries Grow

There’s no industry that hasn’t been touched in some way by the internet of things. The web is just like it sounds, a sticky, all encompassing entity. If you know how to use it, you can draw in your own prey, but if you don’t play your cards right, you could end up becoming the prey. Too many brands take the internet lightly and end up having their names tarnished forever. On the other hand, digital marketing done right has shown to grow businesses of all types. This is typically done with the help of an SEO company in Los Angeles.

There are various industries benefiting from the use of digital marketing. Let’s review some of them.

The Legal Field

Surely, you’ve seen ads of law firms and legal services plastered throughout the net. This industry is making a killing by promoting their services on the world wide web. According to Greentarget’s 2014 Sate of Digital & Content Marketing Survey, ¼ of law firms were using a strategic content marketing plan. Where they excel in is blogging. Their expert legal advice is sought after, which increases their traffic and conversion rates. Combining their expertise with the expertise of local SEO companies in los Angeles can really enhance their strategies.

The Health Industry

One of the top resources people use to look up health conditions is Google. The Pew Research Center’s Health Online 2013 study shows that over ¾ of internet users research health questions on the web. This shows how significant health information is. Doctors, herbalists, medical practices and others in the health industry can use content marketing to grow their traffic.

The Automotive Industry

Marketing is nothing new for the car industry, so it’s no surprise they were attracted to using internet as a medium. They’re used to spending millions on flashy glossy magazine, newspaper, television and radio ads. The cost of marketing on the web is substantially lower, so it’s clear to see why digital marketing has become the top method for the auto industry to reach its target market. These brands are using personalization to increase conversions and traffic. Instead of waiting for customers to come to them, they’re bringing their ads to their audience.

Other industries that are using digital marketing more and more include entertainment and food. If you’re in one of these industries (or another one), consider amping up your digital marketing strategy. You can hire an SEO company in Los Angeles to develop your content marketing strategy and redo your web design.

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