Use Psychology to Boost Conversion Rates

The mind is a powerful thing to waste. This a very true saying, even in the business world. Knowing how your customers think can help boost your marketing efforts and increase revenue. Those who understand the psychology of consumers excel in their advertising and marketing efforts. It’s almost like magic, but much more strategic. Psychology and marketing go hand-in-hand, which is why you can find SEO companies in Los Angeles that use these type of techniques.

Sales teams can also grow more effectively when they implement psychology into their methods. Understanding why certain techniques work better than others can provide insight that will enable them to select the right methods to use and when.

If you’re trying to improve your sales techniques, then you can use the following tips to enhance your communication skills.

Make the First Interaction an Emotional Connection

People are humans and humans connect with one another emotionally before they do logically. This is why first impressions have a bigger impact when emotion is involved. This doesn’t just mean happiness and sadness, but inspiration and determination. If you can tap into key emotions that would drive your target audience to take action, then you’re on the ball. SEO services in Los Angeles can show you how to effectively implement this in your content as well.

Feed On Cognitive Dissonance

Doing so can help you get people on board with your brand early on. Cognitive dissonance is when an individual has a particular image of themselves that they hold on dearly to. They do everything within their power to maintain this image – kind of like how a brand does. So they will avoid situations that could contradict this perception. You can use this to get people to agree a product or service of yours is useful. If you can do this at the gate, then they will be less likely to change their mind or disagree later on.

People Are Naturally Followers

Except for a select few who go out of their way to be different from the crowd. This isn’t about choosing left from right or right from wrong. It’s about agreeing that something is valuable. This is what makes testimonials and reviews so powerful. And why brands need to pay extra attention to both. Your sales people can use the reviews of others to help convince them to do business with your company. During calls, you can bring up case studies and what other clients have said or done. It’s all about reassuring prospects that investing in your products or services won’t be regretful.

You’ll find SEO companies using testimonials in content to help convince visitors they should take a certain action.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Limited time only and limited edition are two phrases that can help light a fire under consumers. People like to obtain the things they want before its all gone, so it will motivate them to move quicker. Then there are others who simply like to have limited edition items because it makes them feel special. Either way, your business can play into these desires to boost sales for your company.

Don’t Trap Customers in a Deal

Allow customers to feel like they have an option or way out, so they’ll feel more in control. For instance, they can cancel a subscription at anytime during their free trial. There are different ways you can give prospects an out, which seems counterproductive, but normally leads to positive outcomes for the brand. You want your customers to feel confident in making an initial deal with your company, so this will take away the panic of sealing a deal.

The Power of Reverse Psychology

Children, spouses and parents use reverse psychology all the time. Person A makes it so that the person B bring up the solution that person A wanted all along. This is achieved using different methods, such as to make the targeted person feel pity. In business, reverse psychology can be used in a different but equally effective manner. If you can give your customers reasons to defend your brand and its products or services, then they are also more likely to buy from it. Sales people can play on this by saying things like “You’re more interested than I expected” or “I’m not sure if this product would be good for you…” Some folks like to prove others wrong or want to show that they’re right.

The SEO company you hire to market your business should have some knowledge of consumer psychology. Give this a go to see how it can improve your campaigns.

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