Simple but Costly Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

SEO, content marketing and social media marketing strategy should be driving traffic to your website. Converting depends much on your web design.

Your Web design is an aspect of your Internet marketing strategy that should definitely not be overlooked. It’s essential for any SEO, content marketing and social media marketing strategy your company is currently putting to use. These methods are hopefully driving traffic to your website, which means you need to ensure your site is impressive and fully functional.

The sad truth is a lot of small businesses have websites that are less than quality and it’s causing high bounce rates and negatively affecting conversions. Many of the mistakes Los Angeles companies make when choosing their Web design can be easily avoided. The best way to do that is to educate yourself about these flaws, so you can prevent them from being an issue in your Web design.

Here’s a quick look at some of the Web design mistakes that are costing small businesses traffic, revenue and their reputation.

Focusing Too Much On the Devices of Users

The push towards mobile devices is a big deal, but it’s causing entrepreneurs to lose sight of what their Web designs should be about. And it’s not about devices. There are simply way too many different mobile devices people are using, so it’d be a lot easier to focus on the screen size and resolution instead,  i.e. mid-range, small, large, extra-large and micro-screens.

Not Customizing Your Theme

You know how many people purchase pre-made themes for their websites? Too many to count, which means your site risks falling into the mix of thousands of others using similar templates. This is why SEO agencies recommend using your own customized template instead. If you buy a theme, make sure you can tweak it to your liking. The SEO company you hire should be able to assist you with your Web design.

Not Changing the Color of Visited Links

Navigation is a big deal for Web users, so ensure the Web design your Los Angeles company uses makes it easier for traffic to browse your site’s contents. It can get pretty confusing if all of the links are the same color whether you visited them or not. The last thing anyone wants to do is click on the same links over and over because they believe it’s somewhere they haven’t already been. Don’t penalize your site visitors for having poor memory!

Make sure the SEO agency your company hires for Web design services also implements up-to-date methods for on-site search engine optimization.

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