Why Your Business Should Focus On Local SEO in 2016

In today’s business marketing is about creating great data and content. Businesses who know how to use that data for their marketing will enjoy a long successful future.

What will be the focus of your Internet marketing strategy in 2016? Is it to push out more quality content, generate more leads or build meaningful relationships with customers using social media? If local search engine optimization isn’t on your list of priorities, then it’s time to reevaluate your goals. If you’re like most companies, you’re looking to generate more leads and boost customer retention – local SEO has proven to help with both.

Local SEO is oftentimes misconceived as being for local mom and pop shops. But the reality is that it can be used for companies in any industry or vertical. Both brick and mortar and online businesses can make use of localizing their search engine optimization strategy with the help of an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

Here are some reasons why many companies are jumping on the local SEO bandwagon.

The #1 Search Engine Loves It

Yes, Google really loves local businesses and even shows a bit of bias towards them. Sure, it still sheds light on brands with a solid history and established authority, but there’s something about the local companies that appeal to them. This very likely stems from the public wanting access to brands that are nimbler, smaller companies versus the fortune 500 giants with endless spending budgets (and sometimes less-than-perfect ethics). This is a great time to be a small business.

Google Aims to Deliver Individualized Results

Google’s AI is becoming smarter and smarter for the sole purpose of helping users find exactly what they want, where they want it. Those that are logged into their Google accounts will have search results that are more individualized, meaning it will display results based on your search history and geographic location. Local SEO methods that have been implemented by companies, will have their pages show up in the SERPs of local customers. This should help turn on the light bulb for the businesses that are failing to see the importance of local SEO for their companies.

The Rise in Mobile and Wearable Gadgets

Everyone is going mobile – first, it was all about laptops, then it crossed over to smartphones and tablets. Today, we’re seeing the screens grow even smaller with wearable devices like the Apple Watch. More and more people are searching while on-the-go, which means people are going to be looking for local services and products.

Competition is Growing Fierce

There are literally millions of websites circulating the World Wide Web, with thousands more being published every year. The visibility of any particular website becomes smaller and smaller, especially when general keywords are being targeted. If you’re still focusing on non-localized keywords, then you’re only making it more difficult to rise up in the SERPs. The key to gaining visibility is to find a smaller niche and to optimize on a local level.

How Companies Can Add Local SEO to their Strategy

It’s really quite simple, especially if you team up with an SEO agency in Los Angeles. For starters, you should start claiming your local business profiles in various directories across the Web, such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Business Pages and TripAdvisor. Make sure everything is up-to-date and relevant keywords have been tagged.

Next, you need to create and deliver a content marketing strategy that implements local keywords. Aside from publishing amazing, relevant, high-quality content, you need to ensure that you are engaging with your audience and building relationships.

Ongoing online reputation management should also be at play here. Consider working with a company that can provide local SEO and ORM services.

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