SEO vs Social Media: Can’t Have One Without the Other

SEO vs Social MediaThe battle between SEO and social media has been an ongoing one. A lot of entrepreneurs swear by one or the other. And then there are those who swear by both. Social media marketing companies and SEO agencies have already figured it out, and that’s that social media and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand.

Now, it seems pretty simple, but there are still folks out there who want to only use one over the other. Here is why that’s ill-advised.

Google Uses Social Media to Find Content

Have you noticed the increase in social media content showing up in search engine page results? YouTube videos, Google+, Facebook and even Twitter are now prevalent in the SERPs. What this tells social media marketing companies in Los Angeles is that search engines are indexing social media posts. This also means that you can increase your chances of having your content seen by Web surfers by posting on social media platforms.

Then throw on top of it that Twitter can help Google find the content you tweet. Twitter finds the posts that have generated lots of traction and tells Google, which means your content gets found easier. Various factors play a role in which content is promoted, such as retweets, time frame the content was shared and how many users have tweeted it. From an SEO standpoint, the quicker you can get your content indexed, the better.

Social Media Builds Links

You’ve likely practiced building links for your own website, and if so, you’ll appreciate knowing there’s an easier way – plus, it’s approved by search engines. Social media shares is the key to building links to your content and it helps to boost your site’s rank in the SERPs.

Build Your Brand Authority

Social media can help increase your authority in the eyes of users and in the eyes of Google. If search engines see your content is highly viewed, liked and shared, then this proves your authority. And with authority comes great things – higher rankings. You have to show your social media influence in order to get to this status, which is determined by your relevance, resonance and reach.

At the end of the day, Google is looking for content that is human-friendly. What better way to show your content is human than by using social media? You can use the services offered through social media  and SEO companies to design a content marketing strategy that incorporates both.

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