5 Steps for Building and Portraying Brand Authenticity

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Your online reputation is key for boosting your credibility and earning consumer trust. Any company that takes their online reputation management seriously is in a better position to win over customers for life. Of course, a great product or service and stellar customer service is also much-needed. If your brand is yet to be known and respected, there are some steps you can start taking now to get recognition.

Keep in mind that this isn’t something that will take place overnight, so be prepared to put in some time and effort. There are online reputation management services in Los Angeles that you can use to help you along. Meanwhile, you should consider using the following steps to help portray your brand authenticity.

Address the Right Audience

If you’re talking to the wrong market, then how can you expect to gain their interest and business? You need to take the time to research who it is you’re selling to and who is buying from you – yes, sometimes this is different. You may have started out wanting to sell to a specific segment, but end up getting customers from a completely different one. So be realistic about who you should be targeting with your messaging. Avoid advertising to the masses at all costs, because this will only send your methods all over the place.

You should be trying to personalize the user experience as much as possible. Your audience should find your content relevant to their problems and concerns.

Take Note from Competitors

It’s good to learn from your competitions, since many of them may have been around longer than you and have figured out how to properly reach your target audience. Take a few notes, but don’t steal their strategy. Find ways to tweak it, so that it works for your own brand. You can do this by following competition on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and wherever else they post content.

Survey Your Customers

Try to get feedback from your customers and followers regularly. It’s good to know what your customers and prospects think of your brand and the products or services it offers. Sometimes, simply asking is all it takes to get a detailed response. This shows you value their opinion and it allows you to get insight that can be used to improve your brand.

Give Your Brand Personality

You don’t want your brand to come off sounding like just another corporate head talking. Identify your mission and voice and use that to create a personality for your brand. Depending on your company, you can showcase your personality as quirky, comedic, heart-warming, passionate, charitable and/or down to earth. Whatever personality and voice you give it, it should accurately portray your brand.

Keep Comments Positive

It’s easy to get caught in the flames of the fire thrown at Internet trolls, but don’t do it! You need to keep your composure as best you can, so you don’t end up tarnishing your company image. Ignore the trolls and only reply to negative comments that are warranted, such as an actual complaint regarding a product or service – not hate mail. This will give your brand kudos for addressing the problem and potentially rectifying it.

Hiring ORM Services

There’s a lot to online reputation management, which is why many choose to hire ORM services. It’s a good idea for your efficiently, especially if you don’t have anyone on staff to handle the task. An ORM expert will be able to develop a plan that will work based on your brand and audience. It’s something you definitely want to invest in, since it’s your company image that’s on the line!

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