Which is Better? Social Media vs Email Marketing


Not too long ago, email marketing was the bees knees. But this has quickly turned into a social media craze. Everyone and their mama is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so why shouldn’t brands be? It makes complete sense to go wherever consumers are, which is why many are contemplating whether they should keep their email marketing campaigns or trade them in for a social media strategy. SEO companies are asked this question all the time, and the answer is pretty simple. But first, let’s give the problem some perspective.

Most Marketers Opting for Email Marketing

You’d think that social media would be the king right now when it came to content marketing, but it appears that majority are leaning towards email. In one survey done back in 2015, it showed that a little over 60 percent of marketers were planning to increase their budgets for email marketing. About half of them said they were going to invest more money into social media.

Why Most Choose Email Marketing?

Some SEO companies may feel email marketing is best because it’s the one they’re most familiar with. However, there are others who are strictly data-oriented. Look at it from their point of view – there are three times more email users than there are on Facebook and Twitter combined (nearly three billion).

Couple this with the fact that Facebook ads and posts aren’t reaching all of your audience each time you post it and you can see the conundrum. It’s like throwing a dart in the dark and hoping you hit the bullseye. Anyone who wants more control over their campaigns will want to focus on email marketing. You don’t have to worry about your emails not reaching inboxes, unless users close their accounts. And if that were the case, you would know it because your analytics reports will show bounced emails and unsubscriptions.

Another good reason email marketing is highly appreciated is because it connects you with quality leads. Remember, these people signed up to receive emails from your brand, which makes them more likely to purchase from your company. You can see why email marketing is promoted by SEO companies. If you’ve ever had a consulting session with one, then you will understand how it ties into the development of your business.

There’s nothing like direct marketing. Email puts you in front of prospects that are already interested in your products. So in a nutshell, email marketing takes the cake. But only the best strategies will successfully implement both anyway.

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