Email Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2016

Best seo strategies adapt multiple channels

Email marketing is still considered a top tool for Internet marketers. However, there are still many brands out there sleeping on this potential money-maker. What sets apart a good email marketing campaign from a bad one is the strategy. SEO services specialize in developing email marketing strategies that can boost subscribers and return on investment.

Los Angeles companies that did invest in an SEO agency should still have their email marketing tweaked over time. Trends are always coming and going, so you could still be using old techniques and tools. Maybe it’s time to revamp your campaign, so you can improve your CTR and conversions.

In 2016, there are a plethora of different tips, tricks and tools you can use to improve your email marketing endeavors. And if you need help, you can always look up local SEO companies for assistance. Now, let’s review some of the email marketing trends you should be paying attention to.

Emails Will Mainly Be Opened with Mobile Devices

Who uses a desktop to check their emails when they get instant notifications from their smartphone and tablet? There are few things we need a desktop or laptop for, since most activities and tasks can now be performed from a handheld. With that being noted, it’s important to have your emails designed for mobile devices, so they’re easy to read. And make sure the links included in the email are mobile-friendly as well.

If your website doesn’t have a responsive design yet, then you need to build one quickly – your search engine ranks are already suffering for it!

Personalization Will Be Even More So

Data collected from mobile devices have helped marketers a great deal with personalizing their strategies. SEO services can use the data collected to email individuals based on their activities with their brand. So gone are the days of mass emails. For instance, you’re shopping for shoes at Payless and then leave your cart. Later that day, you’ll receive an email saying something about a sale ending soon or to get those shoes before they’re sold out. It’s a very clever way to get users to convert.

Animation and Video Content is Increasing

Not only is video and animations being used more often, but more emphasis is being placed on them in email content. For example, animations can be used as more than just attractive newsletter décor – they are now guiding users through the conversion process, by offering suggestions and pointing users towards specific actions. Putting timers on there also helps drive people to act quicker.

Aesthetic Appeal is Back

People like beautiful things – it’s natural. No one wants to open an email from a brand that is plain and boring. If you can make it attractive and impressive, they’re more likely to see it through to the end. Thankfully, there are tools out there that make it easier to design these beautiful emails. If not, you can use the services of an SEO agency.

Social Media and Email Will Rule Together

If social media is the king, then email will be the queen. Together, they will rule the landscape of Internet marketing. This is for those who were convinced that social media was the ruler and email marketing was dead. If you look more closely, you’ll see that social media can help build your email list and make your email content richer and more engaging. Bring the conversations and content from social media right to their inbox!

There are many ways you can revive your email marketing, so that it increase your ROI. Consider hiring the services of an SEO expert to ensure your campaigns aren’t a waste of time!

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