Quick Guide to Improving Your Ecommerce Website Search Rankings

Hire a SEO company if you think your brand is too “uncool” and you don’t have much to say. There are ways to make your brand stand out.

When it comes to generating traffic to your website, organic traffic still takes the cake. This is why it’s so important for businesses to focus on building a solid search engine optimization strategy. Your search rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo can make or break your business, especially if you run an ecommerce website. Companies don’t have to be local to benefit from SEO – with the right plan, you can make SEO work for you.

According to data, there are over 100 million monthly searches being made just on Google. That’s roughly 2.3 million searches made every second. You can guarantee that a large portion of that are consumers shopping around for products and information about products before making a purchase.

Yotpo conducted research using data collected from over 18,000 ecommerce stores, and it showed that 30.5 percent of them receive traffic from organic search stemming from Yahoo, Bing, Google and other search engines. That’s a significant number, which shouldn’t go ignored by ecommerce website owners. You can work with one of the best SEO companies in Los Angeles to see how you can get your hands on a chunk of that organic traffic.

Here’s what local SEO companies can do to help improve your business’s search rankings.

Make Your Descriptions Unique and Optimized

Most ecommerce websites are mainly made up of images of products and short text descriptions. These descriptions need to be unique, so no copying from the manufacturer’s website. Google and other search engines loathe duplicate content. The descriptions should also be optimized with keywords, so that they show up in search engines. An SEO company will write it in a way that showcases your value proposition and benefits, so that users are more likely to convert.

Optimize All of Your Images

The images of your products should also be optimized for search engines. This is done using your content management system, where you can insert tags. These should consist of the product name and other relevant targeted keywords. It’s also a good idea to include a brief image description for each photo.

Use Content Marketing

Google loves nothing more than fresh content to share with users. Local SEO companies can help you come up with ideas for your content strategy and even write the content for you. There are different forms of content you can use, including blog posts and articles, infographics and videos.

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