Important Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

Having an amazing web design is mandatory if you want to attract prospects. Sites with poor designs rub users the wrong way, making the business appear shady and illegitimate. But getting a nice design for your site isn’t always easy, especially when you’re working with a designer who isn’t that great. The techniques used should be within industry standards.

Your website is the business suit for your company, so it needs to make a great first impression. So as you’re looking for a web design expert in Los Angeles, make sure to ask the following questions.

Do you have a portfolio?

You don’t want to hire a web designer without first knowing their skill level. The designer could speak very highly of their own work, but seeing it yourself is another story. Find out if the expert has a portfolio – if they don’t, then there’s a big chance that the individual isn’t an expert. An online portfolio should exist if you’re dealing with a real professional.

What is your rate?

It’s important to find this out early on to ensure the rates align with your business budget. Ask if the rate will be fixed or hourly. And if it will be hourly, make sure to get an estimate for how many hours it should take to complete your web design.

How many revisions are included?

The rate you are given should include a certain amount of rounds of revisions. It’s very rare for the first design to be perfect, so you need to ensure you have room to make small revisions to the end product. Some will offer one or two revisions, sometimes more.

What are the terms for payment?

Certain designers prefer to be paid using a specific terminal, such as Paypal, while others want to receive money electronically transferred into their bank account. Others may accept credit card payments. Find out what the other terms of the payment would be, such as whether an upfront payment is needed. Most will require half or another percentage down before they will begin working.

Can I make revisions to the site on my own?

Sometimes, certain parts of the website can be revised by the lay person. There needs to be a content management system set up in order to do this. This is what SEO services in Los Angeles use to upload content. You will also need to find out whether training will be needed and provided to your staff to maintain the site, and who will have access to revisions.

Is support offered after the site is published?

Once your website goes live, things sometimes come crashing down. You need to find out if you can call on the web design expert for assistance in these instances. You may also need help if your site ends up being hacked. Also, find out if you or the designer will conduct routine backups of your website.

Will the site be built from scratch?

Some designers work mainly with templates, while others will offer sites built from scratch, but only upon request. If you are opting for a template, you need to find out about the licenses to ensure another similar local business doesn’t end up with the same one. Then find out if regular updates are provided for the template your site will have. If the site will be custom, then find out if there will be sufficient testing done for each of the browsers to ensure compatibility.

How long will it take?

It’s good to have goals and deadlines, so always try to get an estimated time of delivery for your web design projects. Milestones should be established, so that you can keep track of the progress for the overall website.

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