Local SEO Services – Generating Business from SEO

We have clients contact us all of the time that want to grow their business online with SEO services. Our Los Angeles SEO Agency has experience with local SEO, national SEO and global SEO rankings.

Typically a business will reach out with skepticism that SEO will help their business. Many business owners may not fully understand how SEO works however they just know they want their phone to ring and for them to generate revenues.

Our team at I Think An Idea has been involved in internet marketing since the 1990’s. We have business development experience where we have grown companies using the same practices that we advise our clients with. Doing SEO is not something you get by the push of a button or a quick fix results and that is perhaps the hardest language to convey to our clients.

This client hired us for SEO and outranked Home Depot on National SEO because of our holistic marketing approach that I Think An Idea provided for its SEO Service in Los Angeles.

There are several factors that can influence your online SEO even for Local SEO Services in which your trying to rank in specific locations.

The following are important when looking at effective SEO Services:

  • Your Website
    • Site health impacts your SEO, your business and acts as the foundation of any great SEO strategy.  Load time can impact your results and user engagement which helps increase CTR ( Click Through Rate )
  • Website Content
    • Focusing on content for SEO is smart.  You can not out rank other competitors just because have a site or build links.  The truth is that your content needs to be aligned with what Google calls relevant for the search terms that you are targeting.  The search term or ranking keywords is not the name of your business however its the keywords that someone would search for that would bring you a NEW CUSTOMER.
  • Social Media
    • Social Media should be focused around keywords and content that could be shared in order to generate more traffic to your business. Many do not understand how social media posting and marketing can give your brand an edge when it comes to influencing your SEO rankings online.
  • Local Listings
    • Local listings will influence your SEO by building relative authoritative links. You have have the ability to improve your brand consistency here using these platforms. There are many companies that do not get the impact of how these can help your local SEO and brand recognition along with your company’s reputation.
  • Keyword Research on SEO
    • Knowing which keywords is helpful when creating an SEO strategy with your marketing.  You need to know what search terms are being searched by doing research and planning along with gaining insights on your SEO from your competition.
  • Competitor Research
    • Part of an educated SEO strategy is to gain insights from your competition.  Our agency uses many tools where we can look at patterns of success that other companies who are ranking on page 1 of Google are using in order to move the ball and get your company results.
  • Reports and Tracking
    • Documentation beats conversation when it comes to SEO services.  In any business there are methods to scale up when it comes down to growing any company.  Our company has used Google Analytics, Reporting Software and call tracking in order to gain valuable information for scaling up any marketing strategy when it comes to growing revenues.
  • Link Building and Outreach
    • Link Building is also important with relative sites and authoritative links that lend traffic and raise your sites ranking power.  We have secured featured articles, press releases, blogs and editorial stories for our clients because we know the value of partnerships in growing traffic and what helps you outrank your competition.
  • Business Development Consulting
    • When working with many of our clients we find that even though we are doing SEO for their company we can find other areas of improvement to help them increase their revenues and build a long term relationship.  We know that if our clients become successful and grow that we have a WIN-WIN relationship.
  • Marketing Partnerships
    • Often we suggest ideas that can grow their traffic and raise their revenues through forming partnerships and affiliate connections.  This could be connecting with a company’s email list or forming a partnership to support each other’s business.

SEO Success Story

Here is a case study of one of our clients whom went from 6 rental properties to 24 properties all by having our agency suggest business ideas and implement an approach that utilized several different platforms and helping them grow their brand with our local SEO services.

When we started with this client they were on the third page of Google Search.  We implemented SEO strategies, local seo services, email marketing, publicity, editorials, drone videos, social media marketing services and business development consulting.

Their company grew significantly in the first 90-120 days and is still growing strong today.  The business has grown 500% with revenues growing more every month.

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