Top Ways to Increase Website Lead Generation


How many leads is your company currently generating? Are they hot, warm or cold? The amount of leads your business receives doesn’t matter if they’re not converting. It’s all about the quality of your traffic and calls, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in lead generation. Online businesses and brick and mortars can both benefit from website lead generation techniques. This is something that SEO services in Los Angeles can provide. A professional SEO service in Los Angeles can be used to analyze your website design, the content and your overall strategy. You may find that your lead generation methods are a bit weak, or worse, nonexistent.

The following tips can be used to enhance your generation of leads.

Go with a Responsive Website Design

Make sure the website you have is mobile-friendly. Majority of users today are using mobile devices, so it makes sense to cater to them as well. This alone could help boost your website traffic and conversion rates. Remember, Google pushes your site down the ranks if it isn’t mobile-friendly, so this isn’t optional.

Make Your Phone Number Visible

As a rule of thumb, your company phone number should be prominent throughout the site. Make it big and in bold at the top of each page on your site. You should also make an interactive phone icon that enables mobile users to make the call from the page. In most cases, mobile users would rather contact you than fill out a form online.

Ensure Forms Are Easy to Find & Use

Those who would rather fill out a form to contact you should be able to do so with ease. Make sure there’s a link to inquiry forms on each page of your site. The required fields should be kept to a minimum, so that it’s quick. The field boxes should also be large enough for smartphones.

Build a Solid SEO Foundation

Your website needs to have a good foundation for search engine optimization. It is, after all, what helps prospects to find your site. This means employing title tags, keywords, metatags, descriptions and so on. It’s crucial for your Los Angeles business to rank well on Google, so if needed, work with an expert that offers SEO services. This way, you have all the required internal and external optimization your site needs.

Show the Benefits of Your Products

Don’t just talk about your products and services in your content. Write it in a way that showcases how prospects can benefit from buying and using them. The best way to do this is to write how your product or service can solve a problem they have. This should be pointed out near the beginning of your content because when people visit your site, the first thing they want to know is what you can do for them.

Make Your Site Visually Organized

A cluttered website page looks unprofessional and confusing. A site that has sufficient white space conveys organizations and expertise. Avoid using too much graphics and text around your borders. A professional that specializes in search engine optimization and Web design can help you with this.

Make Your Offer Irresistible

The best call to actions have a great offer. Give people a good reason to contact you. You don’t want to be subtle – be bold with your offer, such as providing a $150 off a service fee or a free first month trial.

All of this can help improve your lead generation. If it seems a bit overwhelming, you can find a Los Angeles agency that offers SEO services.

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