Believing in SEO and the Internet


Believing in SEO and the Internet – from a Top SEO Agency in Los Angeles

We have been doing SEO for over 22 years between our own businesses and clients that we have handled through the years. Perhaps we got bit by the internet bug in which the internet has always had this magical appeal for us through the year.

In 1996 we started a business where we had a super simple website and at the time it was about updating content, meta tags and being new to the scene it was surprising what the internet provided for us.   Getting a call from someone you never spoke to before that was interested in your business was magical. Especially when that call was from Blockbuster, Guess Jeans, Aramark Uniform Services, Bank of America and even celebrities.

If you had asked us about the internet or if we believed in the internet we were as novice as we could be when it all started.   When you experience success and your not sure exactly how it happened you start to focus more of your attention into doing those things that got you that success in order to duplicate the results.

This past week we attended the #VidSummit conference with Gary Vaynerchuk and several keynote speakers such as Daryl Eeves, Rachel Farnsworth and more who shared how the internet has impacted their business and how they are in a position where this leads to a seven figure income by creating content, utilizing the online platforms and monetizing their presence online. As we sat there and listened to stories of how something invisible led to something materials in their lives it really smacked me upside my head to say “Wow, You have to believe to achieve !”.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of businesses that realize how important it is for them to have an online presence and what it could do for your company.   Many of these clients when we started with them were all spending money on advertising online when they came onboard.   Some were spending $20,000 per month in Pay Per Click on Google Adwords and multiple other services online and off and it was no wonder they were doing millions in sales. For some of these clients it was what Daryl Eeves mentioned at VidSummit on stage which was “Making Little Tweaks”.   Our agency has attention to details and this has always helped our clients win big and get on the first page of Google because not only did we not take short cuts, we also improved everything the clients had which increased their SEO and gave them many more calls, leads and conversions.

As we get calls from small to medium size businesses that are looking for local seo, national seo, business development services and ways to grow their revenues we find these business owners fall into several categories:

Raise the value of your products or services by fine-tuning your SEO and business systems.

1st Type of Business Owners:

These business owners believe in SEO and they see the necessity of doing it for the future of their company. They believe that being on the firs page of Google works and they have experienced this in the past or have witnessed their competitors outgrowing them.   They have a big picture strategy and know that if they invest in their online marketing that their company will grow and they agree that is a necessary evil in today’s business world.   These are businesses that are spending money on advertising with SEO, PPC, Social Media, Radio Ads, Tv Ads and even Publicity ( PR).


2nd Type of Business Owners:

These business owners have questions around SEO. They are not sure that it works because they have not experienced the success that they wanted in the past. This is either because the company has hired interns, non-experienced people or even tried to do this all on their own.   They have to be proven that it works and perhaps they did hire some CHEAP SEO Companies hoping that it would get them to the promise land only to find out that they just wasted their money because they got what they paid for: Cheap.


3rd Type of Business Owner:

These owners do not believe that SEO or internet marketing even works. They do not want to spend any money on SEO and nor do they see the value in working with a third party company on any kind of strategy.   Typically they stay where they are and do not seem to have any belief in anyone else or any companies no matter how good the results.

Turning Nothing into Multi-Million Dollar Success Online

Attending VidSummit I met people who do not have a traditional business with any products, services, and very little overhead that are generating 7 figures per year. That is over a million dollars per year in income being generated on information and content online. What seems so funny is that someone who just posts content can make that kind of money and there are 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of people that are in a similar position.

A few weeks back I met someone who started an audio podcast who three years later is now making a full-time income on doing what they enjoy. They take cruises and review their trips and now have sponsors and all they do is create podcasts and post pictures online and its not every day they do this.

Last year I heard of Issa Rae, a girl who created a podcast and they got a deal with a TV studio because someone found them online through their podcast and HBO has now turned it into a TV SHOW.

Small Business SEO Services – Where do you want to Take Your Business

We see small businesses all of the time that seem to be trapped in their small business mentality. They eat, sleep, breathe and work all of the time at their company and yet they seem stuck within a box that seems to limit them from growing online.   Perhaps its their own mentality that gets in the way.   We have done SEO for Construction Companies that have been featured on reality shows and have publicity that do millions of dollars per year however they invest money in marketing. On the other hand we meet similar construction companies that do not even want to invest $500 for a website or have any kind of SEO Strategy when it comes to growing their company.

It’s relevant that we get results based on the choices that we make when it comes to business. As we move into 2020 and technology becomes important In business evolving your marketing as a company becomes vital.   We all get the newest smart phone and upgrade our experience when it comes to communication and perhaps the larger question is if we are doing the same for how we approach our marketing.

Growing Your Company’s Revenue – Why Marketing is Important

In life we can earn income as a business or even as an individual. Money becomes a flow of energy in which if you send money in the right direction it can grow. Typically most people want a fast return or fast money as we live in a microwave type mentality when it comes to gratification and getting what we want.

When it comes to Google, SEO and the internet it’s a bit more of a marathon of a race. Its about consistency and doing something over a longer period of time that builds your results for your business. In order to get ranked today on Google it’s a holistic approach that encompasses multiple platforms especially if your trying to dislodge the top 10 businesses in your keyword search on Google.   There are only 10 spots on the first page of Google and so you have to do what is necessary in order to make progress online and also maintain your authority within your field if you expect to grow your company, reach new customers and also for the morale of your company.

Hiring a Local SEO Company vs. Hiring a Top SEO Company

Many times we reach out to businesses who want to hire a Local SEO Company or someone that is operating in their home town.   We understand how having someone down the street can be convenient however today we have technology such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook Video and multiple platforms to have anyone be connected with you face to face.

Our agency is in Los Angeles, California and we feel that it’s a super competitive market here in Los Angeles. We strive to do an amazing job with our clients and have no contracts for SEO because we do produce rankings results month after month for our clients. We have clients around the world and they respect our agency because of the documented SEO results we have produced for them and that is why our retention rate is so high.

We have accomplished some amazing results for clients. One of our clients we actually got them ranked above Home Depot for several of their keywords within the architecture, modern home furnishing and modern door vertical.   For many of our clients we also do outreach on authoritative sites, editorials in magazines and publicity articles to drive more traffic and brand then to acquire hire end customers. So we have handled SEO for Doctors to large clients that need suppressed reviews online and Reputation Management requiring a large team of 8-10 of our staff working on content creation, video marketing, social media and more.

You Can Not Say the Right Thing to The Wrong Person

At times our SEO agency has to come to grips that no matter what we recommend or say that there will always be skeptical business owners out there who will not trust or believe that SEO will even work for them.   Many do not spend money on internet marketing because they do believe in it working for them.   We have witnessed many small business owners trying to manage a team of interns and admin people that have no experience with marketing or building a company and that is unfortunate for them. We now look for believers that we can help achieve success in their company using SEO, PPC , Social Media and Web Design. We like working with owners that have innovative ideas and see the value of SEO and what it can do for them.

At VidSummit I was sitting next to a plumber and it was inspiring to me that here is an owner that not only has a plumbing business and wants to do SEO, he also wants to build and Youtube channel to help assist other plumbers because he truly loves what he does. Between him and his son they spent $1400 on attending the event for 48 hours to learn something that can bring him lots of revenue and success within his industry. He realized that he has to be the change in his industry and get on the bandwagon. That is a prime example of someone investing in their future and believing in online marketing and yet there are owners of businesses that do not even invest $200 in their own marketing or websites and perhaps that is why they stay in the broken down lane.

Being in Digital Marketing in Los Angeles we have been doing this for years now and I am always learning something new every day that I can help myself or my clients with. The internet is evolving all of the time and its important to sharpen your saw when it comes to having tools to win in your industry with online marketing.   When I graduated High School I enlisted in US Marines and attended boot camp in Paris Island, South Carolina and the main things that hammered into our head was “attention to details”. Perhaps that mentality has carried into all of the work that we do for our clients and why we look at the details when it comes to SEO and marketing online. It’s the little things that all add up to create success.   We take pride in the work that we do and strive to always be serving our SEO client with value and education as to how they can grow their companies and we have grown companies ourselves so we understand business development.

Whatever your doing with your small business make sure your always thinking outside the box and investing money in being up to date as the market changes. It’s a about the attention to details that has you stand out against your competitors online with SEO, Social Media and the online world.

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