The importance of Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is the best and effective way to generate leads for your agency

Advertising is a very essential part of any business either to communicate to their existing customers or to attract new ones to purchase their products or services and with the recent recession and the current economic climate many companies are having to fight very hard to win money and to compete against its competitors.

Today, the dynamic development of information and communication technologies provides us with global opportunities not only to find and organize access to the necessary information, but also in terms of running an effective business, since one of the main tasks of the Internet is to help find partners and provide funds for they interact with the necessary intensity.

It is safe to say that the Internet is a complete environment for the implementation of all aspects of the traditional marketing mix, that is: price, product, point of sale and promotion. Many experts believe that the use of network enterprises for various business operations and expansion of client audience can significantly affect the achievement of competitive advantages and bring real savings and profits.

Driving customers to your online marketing presence is an important aspect that is often overlooked and with a high percentage of Internet users going through Google to find the products or services they need, it is essential to ensure a high presence. The reason why many companies are using professional SEO services to do their marketing on the Internet is that every day more and more users perform searches and purchases over the internet, taking the time and effort to optimize your website, so that your selected search criteria may have, as a result rewarded with high search engine ranking of these keywords.

Its benefits and forms

The main advantages of modern Internet marketing are: informative, high performance and, directly, a large coverage of the target audience. In this regard, it is essential to take into consideration the certain types of Internet marketing, such as: search engine optimization, contextual and display advertising, social media marketing, viral, affiliate and integrated marketing, Internet PR, as well as newsletters.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the promotion of a website to the first places in search engines for effective, selling queries, which attracts a high-quality audience and is excellent for small and medium businesses due to its favorable cost.

Contextual advertising is an online advertising that depends on the user’s search query or on the subject of the page on which it is displayed, and is well suited to attracting targeted users interested in the advertised product or service to the site.

Media (banner) advertising is advertising that can be seen on websites as graphic banners and is aimed mainly at promoting or building brand sustainability and is not available to small businesses because of its price.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a method of attracting attention to a brand through social platforms (blogs, communities, personal branding, reputation management, SMS promotion), the main purpose of which is to create content that social network users will then distribute without the organizer. In large companies, there is a large position “SMM Manager”, because this work takes a lot of time.

Viral marketing is one of the fastest channels providing the creation and placement of a media virus – an interesting video, flash-application or other attractive content, and can have both positive and negative effects. Affiliate marketing is a means of promoting a business online, in which a partner gets a reward for every sale made through his efforts.

Internet PR is coverage of events and activities of the company in reputable media, which demonstrates openness and transparency, increasing customer loyalty and improving the image and awareness of the company.

Mailing lists – a type of Internet marketing, which includes mailing lists through e-mail, SMS, messages in social networks, discussion lists and individual e-mails, which, if “skillfully” used, will ensure the company’s dynamic promotion.

Why go for digital marketing?

If we focus as much on digital media today, to develop and sustain its business, it’s because digital is not only ubiquitous in our lives, but also because it provides many benefits. Saving time, more accessible markets, customizing relationships and better control of the budget are just some of the benefits of digital transformation.

Gain market shares

Difficult to escape the digital transformation for French companies, whether large groups, small businesses, service providers, VSEs, etc. Indeed, the vast majority of establishments are now present on the Net in one way or another (website, page on social networks, press articles published online, banners advertising, record establishment via Google etc.) and it seems risky to neglect its digital presence if we do not want to be outdone by the competition.

Meet the expectations of customers and prospects

Where traditional marketing is called outbound, digital techniques are inbound marketing. In other words, it becomes easier to let the customer come to him, rather than overwhelm him with advertising that may not interest him. Thanks to the Internet and the search engines, companies can produce content that is likely to interest Internet users and mobile users, who will come for themselves when they feel the need.

Retain consumers in a new way

While it seems clear that Internet marketing can significantly expand the potential consumer base, it should also be recognized that this is a very effective way to retain current customers. Several levers can be used for this purpose:

The collection of data and their analysis, to know the consumers, to offer them what they need and show them the interest that is given to their individuality, to create a stronger connection with the brand.

Seeking a positive user experience to offer more than just advertising to users and mobile users. This is about offering content that tells a story that is immersive and fun, so that the consumer remembers the brand, creates a special bond with it and wants to enter again.

Creating a brand community using social networks and mobile apps to build a special relationship and remain ubiquitous in the minds of consumers, while thinking about delivering useful and entertaining content to avoid creating weariness.

Lower the costs

Using digital tools to make yourself known and grow your business at a cost, but allows you to save money. For example, the cost of an online advertising banner is often lower than the price of a display on a bus or in the street, whether in terms of content realization or price of advertising space.

There are different ways to be on the Internet and social networks, and each company has to choose the one that best suits their needs. For this, a plan must be drawn up, a strategy in which to identify the needs and plan the operational actions for the day to day activities.

The need of the company to prepare an Online Marketing Plan is evident since it is a vital tool in the commercial development of the current company and undoubtedly plays a key role in the relations of the company with its customers.

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