Keyword Research Tips for Local Businesses

Search engine optimization is a big part of success with your company’s PPC management strategy. You must target the keywords your target market is searching for.

Ads are the friend of local businesses, but only if the correct keywords are being used. If you own a local business in Los Angeles, it’s essential to conduct keyword research to ensure your ads are reaching your target market. Some people find keyword research to be complex, so they hire professional SEO services to do the work. Search engine optimization is another key component in marketing local companies.

If you’re patient, you can do some keyword research on your own. It’s rather time-consuming, but worth the potential ROI your business can receive. The first tip is to not cast your net too wide, especially when you’re first starting out. A lot of people formulate a list of hundreds of even thousands of keyword variations to use in their SEO compay and PPC campaigns. But when it comes to local PPC marketing, you want to do the opposite.

Before you begin any research, write down who your ideal prospect is. Then think of the phrases they’d enter when looking for a local business like yours. The most obvious keywords should be written down first. Your list may be short, but at least it’s using highly targeted keywords.

Let’s say for example you own a commercial real estate firm. Keywords likely used to describe your business include:

  • Commercial real estate agent
  • Commercial realtor
  • Commercial real estate
  • Commercial real estate firm

Then there are other variations that can be used to specify your business, like commercial property, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, businesses and so on. Agencies that offer professional search engine optimization services can be used to single out the best keywords.

For a dentist, the common keywords used would be dentist, dentistry and dentists. So you would tie in the areas you serve with it – Los Angeles dentist, etc. If you were a chiropractor, you may want to include keywords like back pain and neck pain, but the competition for those are fierce and will be difficult to rank for. They are just too broad. Plus, not everyone with back pain is looking for a chiropractor, some are looking for pain creams, home remedies and sleep aids. Throw on top of that national companies with larger budgets competing for the same keywords and you can see your odds of ranking shrink even more.

Think of this as a starting point, then add on additional keywords later on. Your focus should be on top-searched words for your industry. Make sure the key phrases chosen are actually being used to look for your products or services. The more specific, the better. Check keyword research tools like Adwords to find out if there are good search volumes for the term before using it.

If your ads aren’t getting clicked, then it’s time to try different keywords. Professional SEO services can help with your campaign to ensure it performs optimally without breaking your budget.

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