Internet Marketing Trends of 2016 You Don’t Want to Sleep On

A good online marketing strategy is not just one thing, it’s everything combined working in unison. Depending on your goals, a good internet marketing agency will make sure that they include seo, reputation management, social media marketing and PPC. They should also be able to consult you on your web design and business development needs. Make sure to choose an agency that is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and set some real measurable goals and show results.

It doesn’t matter what type of a business you own – a travel agency, boutique shop or restaurant, Internet marketing has to be a part of your strategy if you want to generate as much traffic to your business as possible. It’s already been proven that brick-and-mortars need the Internet just as much as e-commerce businesses, if not more. Think of it this way – if most people are shopping online, that means e-commerce sites get more buzz. You can use the Web to attract these visitors to your store. It’s up to your digital marketing strategy to attract and entice these visitors to make the trip. An SEO agency in Los Angeles can help your business in this area.

It would also help if you kept your eye on the Internet marketing trends that are arising in 2016. Make sure you’re paying close attention and implementing the ones that would best suit your organization.

Online Video Becomes an Undeniable Force

In the past, you had the option of ignoring online video marketing, but today, it’s seems unfeasible to not have online video ads in your marketing strategy. People are watching hundreds of millions of hours of online video each and every day. This is hundreds of millions of chances for people to potentially see your ad. You have two options for capitalizing on this trend – making your own YouTube channel and creating video content or creating ads to be featured on other publishers’ YouTube videos. Now is a great time to jump on this bandwagon, especially as Google is preparing to include in-SERP video ad features.

Mobile Continues to Trump Desktop

History was already made when mobile-only users surpassed the number of desktop-only users. When this happened, it turned the tide drastically towards mobile marketing. This is a trend you can’t help but ride the wave of – at least, if you want to be seen. Any brand boasting a desktop-only website is being pushed down in the SERPs for not being mobile-friendly. If you want to rank, you can hire an SEO agency to design a responsive web design for your company. This will ensure that any device can access and navigate your site – and ensures you won’t get pushed down in the ranks.

More Platforms with Live-Streaming

There’s an uprising in social platforms coming to market with the ability to live-stream events. This is a trend that’s really popular among users who have a desire for real-time access to news and information. After Meerkat was revealed, we saw other social networks jump onboard the live-streaming train, including Twitter with its now well-known platform called Periscope. This is a trend marketers can definitely capitalize on in their own unique way.

Marketing Automation is Still Necessary

Sure, personalization in your marketing campaigns is crucial, but it doesn’t take away the fact that you’re busy. Even hiring an SEO agency to handle your marketing still demands the organization that automation tools offer. To date, marketing automation is a thriving $5.5 billion industry. There’s no point in indulging in time-consuming tasks when there’s other work to be done.

Virtual Reality Ads?

It was bound to happen at some point, especially with all the muss and fuss about virtual reality technology finally coming to market. This gives brands an opportunity to not only display their products and services, but surround prospects with them using virtual reality. Imagine your audience walking around a room and using a product that you offer or seeing up close and personal what a service is like? The more realistic and creative you are, the better your chances of winning them over. This is new ground, so definitely a lot of room to play around.

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