5 Hacks for a Winning Website Design that Converts

Your online reputation plays a big part in whether or not prospects trust you enough to partner up in business with you. Social media goes hand in hand with SEO to build a successful online presence. A good internet marketing agency can help you eliminate the roadblocks that come along with building a positive image online. www.ithinkanidea.com

Does your online reputation precede you in a good way? If not, then it’s time to invest in online reputation management. One area that can make or break your business image is your website design. If it looks tacky and screams unprofessional, then people will say the same about your company. If your sales are slowing down or are non-existent, then it could be time for a website design redo. This and reputation management services can be obtained from an SEO agency. It’s a good idea to have an agency work on your overall site because they’ll ensure all of the essentials for search engine optimization are present, which brings us to the first tip for designing a site that converts.

Implement the Right Keywords

Not only should you have keywords incorporated throughout your website, but it should be relevant to your industry and audience. SEO agency can help by performing thorough keyword analyses and research. The selected keywords will then be included in the title tag, meta description and meta keywords section.  It’s a good idea to include keywords like your brand name, products or services and geographic area. Local keywords are easier to rank for and can help get more locals coming to your website. Knowing how your prospects and customers search for your products and services can also shed light onto the type of key phrases to include. For example, they may say things like “St. Louis dry cleaners” or “dry cleaning service in St. Louis” when looking for your services.

Ensure Your Branding is Consistent

Aside from having a professional-looking web design los angeles, you need to ensure your branding is consistent throughout the site, as well as across different venues. Does your site resemble your business cards, brochures and fliers? How about your online ads? This will all piece together your identity, which will help consumers recognize and possibly pursue your brand. Consistency is key for any online reputation management strategy.

Include CTAs Throughout the Site

Simply uploading a website template and putting in keywords and phone numbers isn’t going to help drive people to action. Consumers need a nudge in the right direction sometimes. In this case, it may be to call, contact, buy or sign up. Whatever it is you’re looking for site visitors to do – tell them! Your calls to action should be placed strategically throughout your website. Make it easy for people to contact you by placing forms throughout the site and you can even include a “call now” button for those using a smartphone. And speaking of mobile users, we go into the next tip.

Building a Responsive Design

A responsive website design means having a setup that allows both mobile devices and desktops to access the site fluidly.  This is one mistake website owners are continuing to make today. You have to think – if there are more mobile users than desktop-only users, how much money are you missing out on with a desktop version website? Likely a lot. It’s a mistake no brand can afford to make.

Make Site Navigation Seamless

Ever been to a website that was confusing or irritating to navigate? Don’t let this be your website. Analyze your layout, links and sitemap to ensure you are able to get from one place to the next easily. Most websites have similar layouts, making it easy for consumers to learn and use the site. If you’re going to have clickable elements, make sure they are consistent throughout your site.

Don’t underestimate the value your website holds in your online reputation management strategy. Without a great site, you risk having issues with winning over prospects.

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