How to Optimize Your Social Media Ad Campaigns


Social media advertising is just like any other form of marketing. It takes a lot of trial and errors to get it right. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, your best bet is to hire an SEO agency in Los Angeles. SEO companies have professionals dedicated to managing social media ad campaigns. It’s possible that your social media ads aren’t performing well because you aren’t targeting the correct audience. A lot of people become greedy when setting the targeting features on their social media marketing campaigns. Broader isn’t always better, especially when it comes to online marketing.

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It will take a bit of experimenting to see which audiences respond to your ads, and more importantly, convert. The advanced targeting features available on social media networks makes the testing process simpler. Now, all you have to do is put in the time and work to get results.

Facebook’s Advanced Targeting Options

Facebook has the most advanced targeting options compared to other social networks. It can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses to reach their respective audiences. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means that all of your ads on Instagram will soon have the same targeting options.

Selecting Your Target Audience

The first option you’ll need to select when creating your Facebook ads is the target audience. It’s pretty thorough, allowing you to choose the location, gender, age group, language, interests, behaviors and connections. You’ll need to fine-tune key areas, so that it is specific and on par with your audience. The “locations” section is on “everyone” by default. This is an important option that shouldn’t be overlooked by local businesses. The available options allow you to select a location and then choose whether you want to target folks who live in, recently visited or are traveling to the area. All three of these options can become quite useful, depending on the type of business you own.

For example, say you own a local business that provides tours. You obviously wouldn’t want to advertise to people who live in the city, so you would target people who are planning to visit.

The “more demographics” option is another key area you don’t want to bypass. This goes beyond the usual age, location, language and gender options. It enables you to choose relationship status, recent life events and more.

Customize Your Audience

Your campaign can get even more specific using “custom audience”. You can use your website traffic, customer lists and app activity for this purpose. If you collect emails from prospects, you can implement them into your Facebook ad campaign. All of your ads will target this specific audience. You can design ads for past customers, current customers and leads. You can work with an SEO agency to determine the best copy to use within the ads for each segment. You could target prospects based on the part of the funnel they’re in – for example, people who have visited a certain page and left before converting.

Say your funnel looked like this:

  • Step 1: Blog post
  • Step 2: Registration for webinar
  • Step 3: Product or service purchase

You could create three separate ads. One for folks who read your blog post, but didn’t register. A second for those who registered, but didn’t attend. And a third for the people who attended the webinar, but didn’t make the purchase. All you need is a great strategy and excellent copy.

SEO companies have knowledgeable experts who can help you with every step of your social media marketing campaign – the segmentation, ad creation and ad testing. Consider working with an SEO expert to improve your social media ad results.

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