Small Mistakes that’ll Plague Your SEO Campaigns

SEO Services Los Angeles

It happens all too often – marketing efforts fail because of one or two overlooked mistakes. Imagine doing months worth of SEO to get to the first page of Google, only to have your rankings suffer because of one small error. It can be very frustrating for businesses and marketers alike. The SEO services available at a reputable agency in Los Angeles can prevent such scenarios.

SEO Services Los Angeles


Let’s review some of the common areas mistakes are found.

Website Structure

A lot of hard work goes into the development of a website. Sometimes, designers and developers get a few technicalities wrong, such as:

  • URL structures aren’t optimized. This is oftentimes found out after a site is up and running. If you notice this, notify your developers or consult with an SEO agency.
  • Horrid information architecture (IA) and user experience (UX). Google will penalize your site for these reasons. You may need a design overhaul, depending on the issues with your site.
  • Broken links. They confuse and irritate your visitors and search engines hate them.


If your website structure is satisfactory, you may find issues with your organic search. There are a few elements you’ll need to examine to ensure they are up to par. Don’t make these gaffes:

  • Titles and descriptions are sub par, resulting to poor visibility on search engines. Make sure to include your most important keywords.
  • Content is not focused and not optimized. It’s important to plan your content marketing, so that it is relevant, unique and engaging. You shouldn’t post too often or too little. And most importantly, make sure to implement keywords strategically. An SEO services provider in LA can help you find the ideal keywords.
  • Internal links are non-existent. Make sure that your most important pages contain internal links.

Social Media

Yes, social media is a powerhouse for generating traffic, but only if used correctly. Avoid these mistakes:

  • Using the wrong channels. Make sure your audience is actually using the social networks you’re posting to. You may find that your audience isn’t on Facebook, but Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Posting at bad times. If your social media posts aren’t getting reach or engagement, then it could be you’re posting at the wrong times. It’s time to test different days and times to see when posts receive the most attention and engagement. An SEO agency can test and manage your social media accounts for you.
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