3 Rules of High-Converting Landing Pages


Where do you send prospects once they’ve clicked on your banner ads, promotional email links and PPC ads? If the landing page doesn’t direct incoming traffic to a specific action, such as a registration, purchase or subscription, then they are more likely to do nothing.

Landing-Page seo agency

You can send prospects to a specific page on your website or a separate page designed specifically for converting prospects into buyers. Either way, the language, layout and strategy should be powerful enough to convert. SEO companies have already mastered this technique. You can hire an SEO agency to design and write a landing page that will convert local Los Angeles traffic or traffic from abroad.

Your landing page is just as important as your ad content. Your landing page will either give you a ROI on ad spend or render your ad campaign a waste of money. There are three rules you should keep in mind when creating your landing page.

Never Use Your Home Page as a Landing Page

You can send ad traffic to any page on your website, but not the home page. The page you choose should be specific and promotional. The home page is too general and doesn’t direct traffic to any particular destination. All of the traffic that derives from promotional campaigns should be sent to a landing page that funnels them into taking a specific action. Product and service pages with CTAs are fine.

Make Sure Your Landing Page is Clear and Relevant

Have you ever clicked on an ad that took you somewhere unexpected? The landing page and ad should correlate. If the ad says cheap china, then the landing page should talk about cheap china. The content on the page should also be clear in its message and answer questions visitors may have:

  • Can I find what I’m looking for on this page?
  • Is there sufficient information?
  • Is this site trustworthy?
  • How long is it going to take to get what I came for?

Landing pages should entice visitors to complete whatever action your campaign is designed around.

Make Sure Your Landing Page is Structured Correctly

Surely, you’ve noticed a pattern in the landing pages created by SEO agencies, marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses. There is a common structure that has proven effective for landing pages:

  • A benefit-oriented headline that coordinates with the ad visitors click on
  • Content that is short, relevant, clear and concise
  • Content is focused on getting visitors to complete one specific action
  • No distractions are on the page (including links)
  • A prominent CTA button or form
  • Has the same feel of your brand (language, look, etc.)

It can be tricky creating successful landing pages. It’s a good idea to hire an SEO agency to develop and manage your PPC campaigns.

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