How to Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Customers

Social media is a place where you can not only advertise your brand, but build it up as well. Consult an SEO agency to see how you can utilize the services of social media for Online reputation management

It’s great having a following on your social media accounts, but those followers don’t mean much to your brand if they’re not buying from you. Converting social media followers into customers is easier said than done, especially since today’s consumers are savvier than ever. The trick is to build relationships with your audience and implement a solid online reputation management strategy. This can be done with social media marketing services provided through a local SEO company.

If you do decide to go with social media management services, make sure that your followers are actually converting. Numbers don’t lie, so pay close attention to analytics throughout your social media campaign.

The following tips can be employed to strengthen your marketing efforts.

Start Conversations

The last thing social media users want to see are advertisements, so rather than consistently promoting to them, you should instead start conversations. Brands tend to forget the “social” in social media. The purpose of these networks is to engage with one another, so do that. Acknowledge your followers by commenting on posts and answering queries. You want to establish a voice for your brand on each of your social networks.

Put the Spotlight On Your Audience

This is a tactic you’ll commonly see used by stage performers. They will shine the spotlight on a member of their audience to either ask a question or even bring them on stage. This is a great way to make the audience feel special. You can do the same with your social media profiles by asking your followers to create content, such as photos and videos that are relevant to your industry. You can then shine light on their posts via your social media profile. This will surely give your online reputation management strategy a boost!

Implement Tools to Encourage Conversions

People that come to your profile don’t know they want to buy something until they see what they want. Include a “shop now” button that takes users to your online store. You should also have a call to action at the top corner where everyone can easily see it. Facebook allows you to integrate your online store, making it easier for users to shop and make purchases from your business page.

As you are implementing these and other ideas for your conversion strategy, don’t forget about online reputation management. After all, your image can make or break your marketing strategy.

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