Instagram: Building a Loyal Fan Base

If you are like many companies out there that can’t get their head around social media marketing or management, then you need to acquire the services of a seo company who can shed some light on the subject.

Instagram – it’s one of the quickest growing social networks on the Web today. Why? Perhaps because it offers a super convenient way to share photos and videos with friends and followers. Naturally, businesses and brands were going to find a way to use it to promote their own services and products. It takes a savvy strategy to make your business stand out on Instagram. This is why a lot of companies in Los Angeles hire an SEO company to help. You can hire local SEO services that specialize in social media marketing.

So what does it actually take to make your Instagram marketing plan work? Here are a few pointers to get your profile on the right track.

Choose a Niche and Stick to It

The niche you choose should be one you’re really passionate about. Some small businesses are in two different niches, like hair and beauty, which is fine. As long as you can hone in on a specific audience, you have yourself a potential gold mine. If you need help with determining your audience, you can have an SEO company in Los Angeles evaluate your brand. The key is to show your authenticity through the posts you make within your niche. Don’t be afraid to show your passion!

Consistently Post Amazing Content

The Instagram accounts with the most followers happen to be those that post great content all the time. You have to really be on top of your content posting game. This means uploading photos and videos daily. Posting randomly or just once per week isn’t going to cut it on this fast-paced social network. People eat up content on Instagram like it’s water. There are no long articles to read through, so the hunger for more content is fierce. You need to make sure your marketing campaign can keep up with the demand.

Use Captions that Motivate

The captions you use for all of your posts should first captivate your audience and motivate them to do something, whether it’s to self-improve, buy, travel or eat healthier. You have to understand what it is your audience desires and use that to fuel your posts. Most Instagram users are living vicariously through others, so give them a grand experience with each video and photo you upload.

Use Emojis, But Don’t Overdo It

Social media has made communicating convenient and fun with its acronyms, emojis and hashtags. You should be putting all of these to use to make communication more effective. In marketing, it’s all about speaking in the tongue of your audience. Plus, emojis are an exceptional way to add flavor and emotion to your posts.

Avoid Posting Too Much Too Often

There’s a fine line between consistency and overdoing it. Posting too much content is annoying and will more than likely lead to people unfollowing you. At the beginning of your strategy, you should be posting about once or twice daily. These can be spaced out by a few hours. Then as you add in more posts, space them out even further. Generally, you shouldn’t exceed 10 posts daily (but tha’ts if you have nearly one million followers).

Start Trends with Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to start and continue trends, as well as gain attention for your brand. You have to stay on top of emerging hashtag trends that are relevant to your brand. Whether you’re starting them or joining in, hashtags should be used strategically. The ones you use should be descriptive and actually relate to the photo or video they’re attached to. One thing you don’t want to do is use hashtags that already have millions of posts.

If your Los Angeles business needs to build an Instagram following, consider hiring an SEO company that offers social media marketing services.

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