Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Over 90 percent of Internet users check their emails daily, making it a great internet marketing tool for any agency and company alike. Feel free to hire an seo agency to create a winning strategy for your company

As an ecommerce retailer, you don’t wait around for the holidays to start pushing out marketing campaigns. It’s best to plan well in advance, so that your efforts are well-thought-out and likely to generate sales. Email marketing is one of the top ways to reach out to your customers regarding upcoming sales. You can use the assistance of a professional SEO service to get your marketing campaign in order now, but ideally, it’s best to start during the early summer.

Here are some tips to help prepare your business for the upcoming holiday season.

Create a SWOT Analysis

The first thing you need to establish is a strategy. But in order to create one, you need to your know products’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For instance, the strengths may be that you have a large social media following and email subscriber list, while the weaknesses could be a flaw in the design of certain products. You’ll need to focus on dealing with the weaknesses and threats you encounter, so that you can enhance your marketing results. If you need help with your SWOT analysis, you can try consulting with a business development professional who provides SEO services.

Start Designing Your Campaign Early

Your email campaigns, landing pages, website and other marketing collateral all need to have fresh and appealing designs and artwork. You don’t want the same old templates – try amping them up with fall designs and holiday artwork. Switch them up for each holiday that rolls around.

Try Something Different

You need to stand out among the other companies that are also sending out holiday marketing emails. Some ways you can do this would be to include emojis in the subject line, switch up the email address shown in the from section and send out emails at different times than usual. If you normally send out emails in the middle of the week, try sending them on the weekend.

Cleanup Your Subscriber List

People change their emails – it happens. When this does, you need to be on top of removing them from your subscriber list. This will help to keep down clutter. You should also append non-deliverables to see if you can find the new email address of the subscriber to send the emails to. You should also work on creating segments for your subscribers.

A professional SEO service can provide your company with email marketing services, as well as PPC management. Consider hiring an expert to ensure your holiday marketing efforts are successful!

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