Tiny Giant Web Design Mistakes for Your Brand

SEO, content marketing and social media marketing strategy should be driving traffic to your website. Converting depends much on your web design.

There are literally hundreds of things that can go wrong with a new Web design, but there are only a handful that can really spell disaster for a brand. You know how important it is to have a functional website that looks great. Many companies dish out thousands of dollars to redesign or build a site from scratch.

It’s good for entrepreneurs to be aware of these mistakes, so they don’t end up with a Web design company in Los Angeles that doesn’t know what they’re doing. You can’t always trust the word of a design agency, so do your research. Here are some tips you can use to prevent paying for a Web design that is filled with costly mistakes.

The Back Button is Disabled

Imagine how irking this would be – you’re shopping on a website and click on one of the many products you find enticing, only to learn that you can’t go back to view the others because that function has been disabled. There are a few other undesirable things that can make pressing the back button very annoying, such as it taking you to an unwanted location or a window popping up.

Links Open Up a New Window

This is so 90s – today, we have tabs, so why on earth would a Web design feature links that open up to new windows? If you’re on an ecommerce website shopping around, you can imagine how cluttered your screen would get while browsing through options. This looks a mess and it will slow down your computer. The overall user experience will be tarnished, so make sure that your links open up in the same window or in a new tab.

Contact Info is Hard to Find

This is a tactic that some brands are using to deter you from contacting them directly, and instead use their online forms and chat systems. However, if you don’t offer these type of solutions, then you need to ensure that your phone number and address are easy to find, such as on the “Contact Us” page or even at the bottom of every page on the site. This helps customers connect with you whenever they want to and helps make your organization appear legitimate to newcomers.

There Are Broken Links

You can’t leave this off the list, especially since a lot of website owners still battle with this issue. It’s a major pet peeve for Web surfers, so it’s highly important to eliminate them from your site. Not doing so could result in your site losing lots of traffic, especially if the link that brings people to your site takes them to a “404” error page.

Using Slow Servers

Some entrepreneurs try to cut costs by docking their site on servers that are less-than-speedy. In most cases, these cheaper options have servers that can’t handle lots of traffic, so this leads to your site running very slowly. This is an obvious issue that can decrease traffic and revenue. Most users won’t wait longer than four seconds for a website to load. So make sure to check your site to ensure that this isn’t an issue.

Poor Navigation

The navigation on your site plays a major role in the user-friendliness of your Web design. Make sure the SEO company you hire to do your site checks the user experience. You don’t want to dish out money for a site that will turn people away.

These are just some of the many mistakes that can go wrong with your Web design – make sure you’re on the look out for them!

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