Have a New Product? Use Video Marketing to Promote It!


Youtube is worth it’s weight in gold. Video marketing is one of the best ways to get your brand noticed by a lot of people and fast. Naturally it’s the best helping hand you can find when looking to gear up your SEO efforts.

Launching a new product can be exciting and possibly profitable. But the latter can only be true if you know how to market it. Aside from making a product that is attractive, affordable and high-quality, you need to find ways to get it in front of your audience. Otherwise, they’ll never know that you have a product that is attractive, affordable and high-quality. Your marketing efforts means everything for the launches of your new product. An SEO company in Los Angeles can create a campaign that will help spread word about your new product.

Convincing others that your product is worth buying is easier when you use visuals. The only thing better than pictures is actual video content. This is why infomercials do so well in selling goods.

Video Dominates the Web

Right now, the most sought after content on the Web just so happens to be video. People are watching more video content than ever on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This makes it a grand opportunity for you to market your new product. An SEO agency can help get your video in front of customers in Los Angeles and throughout the nation.

If you’re thinking about using video to sell your new product, then here are some tips from SEO services companies in Los Angeles.

Use the Infomercial Format

You’ve likely seen quite a few “As Seen On TV” ads on television. They do a great job of marketing products using a basic format – present a problem and solve it. The video you produce needs to show how your product can enhance your customers’ lives. About 15 seconds of your video should be dedicated to the problem and solution.

Make the Video Short

One thing you don’t want to take from infomercials is the length. They are too long for Internet video. Instead, you want to try and convey your message and benefits as quickly as possible. Remember, people on the Web have very short attention spans. Only include the essential details.

No Need for New Equipment

You can get away with using the equipment and tools you already own, such as a smartphone or digital camera. All you need is a tripod to hold the camera, while you talk and display your product. You can attempt to record this or you can hire someone to do the presentation for you.

Once your video is complete, an SEO company Los Angeles can help it go viral.

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