Ad Marketing: Learn from these Major Brand Flops

What edge does your business sport? How can you make sure that your business stands tall among your competition? You may need to acquire 3rd party business development and sales consulting help to zero in on the answers. All your SEO efforts are wasted if not supported by a great business.

You’d think that the major brands with the big budgets would have ad campaigns that were well put together. But as time goes on, we see that this is far from the truth. We’re seeing quite a few bands making mistakes that are turning their campaigns upside down. This makes marketing scary a bit – one minute your customers can love you and the next, they hate you. Make sure you don’t fall victim to this by working with a reputable PPC management company that can ensure your ads are appropriate.

It takes some testing to see what works and what doesn’t, but it doesn’t take a genius to see when an ad may be offensive or trashy. Let’s review some of the ads that major brands pushed out that were slammed by the public.

Sprite’s Womanizing Campaign

The Coca-Cola owned the soda company decided to release a series of ads that targeted women who have been “around the block” once or twice. You may have heard of the #BrutallyRefreshing ad campaign, which had content that said things like, “You’re not popular, you’re easy,” and “She’s seen more ceilings than Michelangelo.” Since then, Sprite has apologized for the ads, but not before their image was tarnished by the women who found the campaign offensive.

Reebok the Cheater

In their bold, but tasteless ad, Reebok told fellas this, “Working out and staying true to your girlfriend is hard, but if you have to choose one over the other, choose working out.” Then gave the advice – cheat on your girlfriend, not your workout. They obviously have their priorities out of order and the fans called them out for it. It was a bad move for a brand that has a big female customer base.

PPC management companies can help keep you out of trouble with bad ads and inefficient campaigns. It’s best to work with SEO companies that have experience running successful ads in your industry.

Hyundai Pokes Fun at Suicide

Suicide isn’t something that you should joke about. However, Hyundai decided to release a commercial in South Korea where a guy was trying to kill himself by running his car inside of a closed garage. But because the car has low emissions, his suicide attempt failed. We get where they were going with this, but it unfortunately hit too close to home for a lot of families.

Whoever thought up these ad campaigns thought they were good ideas at the beginning. Think twice about doing something bold or considered taboo. You can work together with a PPC management company to assess your audience and determine the best approach for your campaign.

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