7 Ways to Increase YouTube Channel Traffic


YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the block today. It’s a wonderful tool to display your brand, products and services to prospects. It’s why Internet marketing agencies in Los Angeles use it to promote their services. You can hire an SEO company to help you with establishing a YouTube channel and optimizing it and your videos to be found on Google. Just make sure the SEO agency you hire has a good track record of success.

If you’re interested in increasing traffic to your small business’s YouTube channel, try out the following methods.

Make Use of YouTube’s Features

There are a variety of tools you can find right on YouTube that can help boost your visibility. For instance, ensure you’re including a detailed and accurate description and title for all of your content. Also, include keywords/associated tags that are relevant. An SEO company can be helpful in this area.

Place a Call to Action in Videos

You should ask people to complete an action in all of the videos you post on your channel. This could be to subscribe to your channel, like your video, comment or share it on social media. You can also include a link for people to visit your website or landing page.

Share Content with People You Know

If you’re a startup with a few followers, start out sharing your content with friends, family and contacts you’ve made in the industry. The great thing about social media is that great content spreads like wildfire, so make sure your content is exceptional.

Promote Content on Social Media

Speaking of social media, why not post your videos on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus? You can also join relevant communities and post your videos there. Make sure to establish your presence on these sites before you begin promoting your videos.

Add Videos to Your Site

Make sure there is a special page on your website where visitors can view all of your videos.

Include Links in Emails

You can incorporate links into your emails so that everyone you reach out to can venture onto your YouTube channel to check out your content.

Create Press Releases

Public relations techniques like press releases enable you to reach out to journalists, bloggers and editors, who may end up talking about your content. Make sure to connect with those in your industry, so you’re reaching the right audience. An SEO company can be hired to create the press releases for you.


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