Physicians Using Digital to Market their Practices

Medicine has always been an innovative industry, so it’s no surprise that doctors are crossing over to digital marketing to boost their practices. Los Angeles practices are utilizing SEO companies to help enhance their Internet presence. More and more physicians are getting involved in social media to reach out to peers and patients. They are finding great value in being on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even LinkedIn. It benefits their practices, as well as their patients.

A study conducted in June 2014 states that 54 percent of doctors use social media for professional purposes:

  • 40 percent use it for staying up to date with health care news
  • 33 percent use it to engage with peers
  • 20 percent use it to market their practice
  • 7 percent use it to provide thought leadership to patients

This trend is expected to continue. A 2013 survey conducted by ZocDoc shows that 87 percent of physicians between 26 and 55 use social media regularly. We are seeing more physicians using social media than we ever have. The demographics are also favorable, leading us to believe that this trend is only going to increase. It’s likely that doctors will enlist the help of an SEO company, since they have busy lives and practices.

There’s a lot of buzz around the topic of social media and the impact it will have on patient-doctor relationships. It’s paving the way to dynamic change in the patient care model. There’s plenty of opportunity here, but determining how to best leverage it is key. It’s being discussed that social media and mobile technology will lead to innovate ways to deliver effective patient care.

Social media acts as an equalizer across various audiences, removing silos and promoting collaboration. This is highly important for the health care industry, where collaboration is vital for improved patient care. Patients are on social media and now doctors are using this medium to take on leadership roles. They are partaking in important conversations and taking the proper measures to transform the delivery of patient care.

Facebook is one platform that doctors are finding useful for their practices. They are utilizing it in a number of ways, such as to share news from reputable health news sites. It is an effective way to engage followers and point patients to valuable information. A lot of doctors are hosting video events using Livestream, enabling them to demonstrate their expertise and engage with patients who have questions.

Promotional posts are being used to strike up professional conversations on Facebook. Contests can be hosted to further engage patients. For example, orthodontists can ask patients to upload before and after images of their teeth. Or an orthopedic can ask patients to upload photos of themselves enjoying physical activities after they’ve had surgery.

If you are a physician who is considering using social media for marketing purposes, here are a few tips:

  • Upload a professional headshot. This will be your first impression, so make it friendly. Remember, people tend to be intimidated by doctors.
  • Highlight your experience and certifications. Eight out of ten potential patients say they prefer a doctor who has experience with a specific treatment or procedure.
  • Create a professional short video to introduce yourself and your practice. This is a great way to showcase your personality and ease any anxieties patients may have. Plus, videos are 53 times more likely to receive first-page rankings on Google compared to traditional web pages.
  • Claim and complete your profile on directories. According to SoftwareAdvice, 62 percent of consumers use review sites to find a physician.

It’s very important that you maintain your presence on social media. An SEO company can manage your social media accounts, as well as your online reputation management.

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