Plan Your Seasonal Marketing Campaign for 2016

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The 2015 holiday season just passed, but it’s never too early to plan your next campaign. There are also a number of festivities throughout the year– we have Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and 4th of July that’ll be here before you know it. SEO companies realize this and are consistently planning out their future campaigns – at least, that’s what the savvy guys and gals are doing.

All aspects of your Internet marketing should be included in your seasonal campaigns, including:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • PPC
  • Email marketing
  • SEO

SEMrush built a fantastic seasonal marketing campaign planner that you should definitely check out. Meanwhile, here are some tips from seasoned professionals.

SEO Strategies

This, of course, is one of the most important factors in any campaign. All you need is the correct tools and methodologies to get the results you need. Here are a few pointers:

  • Be patient – SEO takes a while to reach its max potential. Evergreen topics are crucial. This is also why you should get started with your SEO campaign early on – begin your Christmas marketing in August and September. Most people begin holiday shopping in October.
  • Update previous years’ holiday posts before launching your campaign. You can even recreate some of the content, then link to the old posts.

PPC Marketing

It’s important to plan out your PPC seasonal campaigns in advance. A great strategy will prevent you from wasting money on low ROI. You can achieve this by doing the following:

  • Watch your ad campaigns closely and adjust them as needed – holidays are compressed time periods where a lot can happen.
  • Check popular dates, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to make sure you don’t miss them.
  • Create a sense of urgency using countdown ads.

Content Marketing

This is the meat of many SEO services you’ll find in Los Angeles. It helps engage users and potentially convert them. Content marketing can also help with your online reputation management. Just make sure that your Web design is up to par, if not, look for an SEO company in Los Angeles that can tweak it. Here are some ways to ensure your content is on point:

  • Create holiday-related content weeks in advance of a holiday, then schedule them.
  • Promote holiday offers that fit the content topic.
  • Go through your past data to see what posts did extremely well the last time around, and more important, what tanked.

If you need help with creating and managing your holiday campaigns, consider working with a reputable SEO company.

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