5 Reasons Why Your PPC Campaigns Aren’t Performing

A good PPC management strategy is extremely important for your PPC campaign. Otherwise you might have to deal with low performing Pay-per-click campaign

The last thing you want to deal with is a low-performing pay-per-click campaign. If your company wants to avoid this issue, you need to implement better PPC management strategies. There are multiple culprits that can cause your PPC campaigns to fail. The following are the most commonly seen by companies that offer professional SEO services. Make sure your business doesn’t fall victim to them!

Using the Incorrect Keywords

Pay-per-click ads perform best when they have the right keywords being used. The only thing more important than keyword research is keyword analytics. You need to keep an eye on how your ads are performing to see if you need to use other related keywords. Any keywords that aren’t performing well should get the boot ASAP.

Sending People to Your Homepage

All of your PPC ads should be linked to a special landing page directly connected to the ad. If your ad is talking about a deal on shoes, then the page it leads them to should have something to do with shoes and that exact deal. Sending users to your homepage will only frustrate them. They already did the search on Google to find your ad, they don’t want to search through your website for the deal.

Not Having a Budget

Before you start any PPC campaign, you need to ensure you have a budget in place. This is important whether you decide to work with an SEO company or not. A lot of businesses allow their campaigns to go on too long and too far, to where it kills their entire online marketing budget. You need to set clear goals for each day and stick to it. Once you have reached that limit, stop the campaign until the next day, or adjust your budget accordingly.

Ad Content Needs Work

Sometimes, it’s your ad copy that needs a bit of work. You need to do a bit of A/B split testing to see which of them perform the best. An SEO company can be very helpful with coming up with and testing variations of ad copy.

Not Monitoring the Campaigns

PPC campaigns aren’t set it and forget it – you have to keep a close eye on how they are performing daily, weekly and monthly. If this is too much for you, then it’s best you hire a professional SEO service for your PPC initiatives.

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