5 Adwords Mistakes You Must Avoid!

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What’s more important in an Adwords campaign, the keywords or the audiences? It doesn’t matter what side of the argument you’re on – there’s no denying the significance of audiences in your Adwords strategy. Setting this up can get pretty tricky, which is why many businesses enlist the help of a professional SEO service. You can find a variety of SEO services in Los Angeles, including PPC campaign management.

Remarketing is one great reason to use audiences in your AdWords campaigns. This is an effective tool that enables your campaigns to follow users and display dynamic ads of products or services they viewed while on your site. You can use this feature once your audience list grows up to 100 members. You can use lists from the last 540 days.

Remarketing lists for search ads, or RSLAs, is another option. These are set up inside of search campaigns. You have the option of implementing them into existing campaigns to raise bids higher for return users, or you can have it within its own campaign where varying ads are shown. Or ads for different keywords are shown to users within a certain audience list.

The following are common mistakes people make when using audience in AdWords:

Their Niche Lists Are Too Small

The data is there for you to analyze and make informed decisions about your PPC campaigns. You can avoid creating small niche lists is by reviewing your Google Analytics to determine how many unique visitors come to specific pages over a period of time. Opt for wider targeting if the numbers are too small. No need to waste valuable time and resources on creating a large variety of lists that you won’t use.

Using Incorrect Settings

Something as simple as this can put a major dent in your funding and traffic. For example, if you wanted to set up a target and bid campaign for RSLA, but mistakenly select bid-only ad group, then you’ll receive much higher traffic, which will in turn raise costs.

On the contrary, accidentally selecting target and bid ad group when you really wanted bid-only could lead to a narrowing down of your audience, which will only be geared towards returning visitors. You can set up alerts to catch these types of mistakes. You can set it up to notify you of massive impression drops, so you can find the root cause.

Durations Are Poorly Thought Out

Every aspect of your PPC campaign should be well-thought-out. A professional SEO service can be hired to create a strategy for your campaigns. Without a solid plan, you risk running into issues like this one. The duration of your RSLA campaigns should be realistic and strategic. For example, you should use the full 540-day duration for users who are looking to buy a product or service with a longer consideration cycle. On the other hand, a 180-day restriction would apply to typical purchasers.

Forgetting to Exclude One List from Another

Make sure that the people who’ve converted are excluded from your retargeting campaigns. You don’t want users to feel harassed by your continued ads. Avoid eliminating folks who may be a repeat purchaser. This would take place if you were to create a list of traffic within the last 45 days, then eliminate the entire all-time converter list. Instead, you should just eliminate the 45-day converters.

Not Checking for Broken Code

AdWords has made checking for broken codes quite simple. In the upper right corner, there is a notification when there is an issue with your code. So keep a close watch on this area to ensure everything is working properly.

You can’t ignore the benefits associated with employing a Professional SEO service provider. If you find PPC campaigns to be confusing, you can always hire SEO services for assistance.


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