Brand Marketing: Transition to Digital is a Must!


Advertising has always been an exciting industry to work in. We’ve watched marketing evolve from print to radio to television, and now to digital. It seems that every generation has a major shift in how advertisements are presented to the general public. Digital mediums are dominating the scene and are expected to continue in the coming years. If you haven’t already, you should consult with an SEO company in Los Angeles about making the transition to digital for your brand. Online reputation management services can be performed by an SEO company to help build awareness and maintain a good image.

A Brief History of Advertising

Anyone still alive from the early 20th century can tell you the story of advertising. This was the time when radio first emerged, before being dominated by TV mid-century. Then came the 90s when computers entered into the homes of the masses, giving birth to what we have today – the World Wide Web. But it hasn’t stopped there – now, we are seeing the emergence of mobile devices, and boy, are they taking the marketing industry by force.

Here’s how it all happened.

Radio Lays the Foundation for Digital Brand Marketing

When radio was first invented, it was a source of information and entertainment. It wasn’t until 1921 when the first brand marketing spot was introduced. The credit goes to WEAF of New York for airing the very first paid radio commercial for apartment rentals owned by Queensboro Corporation. Radio marketing quickly grew after that. The idea of reaching a broader audience was an eye opener to the potential of radio ads.

Some marketers were really creative in how they presented their ads. In the 1930s, P&G decided to air radio soap operas for their line of soap. Mixing together content and advertising was a major success. So successful that we still utilize this formula today.

Television Brings Visuals to Life

Radio was captivating for a time, but nothing captured the imaginations and attention of the consumer like television. It further revolutionized digital brand marketing. The first commercial aired in 1941 for Bulova watches, which can be viewed today on YouTube. It’s definitely not the advertising you’re used to seeing in the 21st century, but it is the father (or mother) of national advertising.

As television aged, brands started to implement storytelling elements into their ads. They focused on connecting with the audience in the way that great films and television shows did, using character development, humor and an arc.

And Then There Was the Computer

We continue to be blown away by the capabilities of computer technology. You can imagine how it was for the early adopters in 1978, when computers first surfaced. Radio and television had a great run already, with 60 years under their belt. It wasn’t long for brands and marketers to venture over to the Internet to reach potential customers. Unsolicited email marketing began in 1978, when the first mailing list of 400 people was given by the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. I guess you can call this the beginning of spam.

The Birth of Internet Banner Ads

Emails have and still do rely on the user opening and reading them. They’re not the in-your-face ads we’ve grown accustomed to in television and radio. At least, not until banner ads were developed. It was 1994 when banner ads started eating up digital white space. They have some similarities to print ads you’ll find in newspapers and magazines, but never before were advertisers able to directly measure the success (or failure) of all their hard work.

Working with the Best Local SEO Company

And the rest is pretty much history – PPC ads, social media, online video and content hubs. Every business or brand has Internet real estate that can be used to reach prospects (or at least they should). This could be in the form of social networks, website/blog or YouTube channel. SEO companies are thriving because businesses and brands realize the potential success provided through digital marketing.

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