10 reasons why an app can make a difference to your product

Mobile Devices

Why develop an app? What are the concrete benefits for your company? Read the post and find out how to act!

Why develop an app?

Consider this statistic: by 2020 there will be 20 billion Mobile Devices in the world (The Economist). About 2 million apps are currently already present on iTunes and Google Play. Are you thinking of developing a useful application for your company? Maybe it’s time to consider some “App Appeal”! Here are some of the main reasons why it might be a good idea to create a mobile app for your business.

  1. Generate additional sales

Mobile apps are able to generate additional revenue for your company in three distinct ways: firstly, since most people currently use mobile devices, apps encourage repeat orders from customers even when they are away from home. The absolute simplicity and practicality of the app compared to visiting a traditional website, makes it easier for consumers to buy. Second, the company can benefit from a new flow of advertising revenue, right through the apps. Thirdly, the app itself could be so compelling that it could request payment for the download!

  1. Reduce service costs

The mobile apps allow customers to access basic information and purchase without having to call centres. Some apps also allow you to click on the “Visual IVR” menu, avoiding wasting time and money listening to prompts queued during calls. Automation obviously reduces maintenance costs.

  1. Reduce marketing costs

Another of the great advantages hidden in-app development lies in the low cost of marketing: compared to traditional advertising and direct marketing, push notifications received from customers who have downloaded your app are quite cheap. This becomes particularly useful when you decide to announce an event or a new product offer.

  1. Improve customer experience

Many websites don’t look perfect on smartphone screens, unlike mobile apps, which are designed specifically for small screens. They are easier to look at and easier to use for the customer. The apps also offer immediate access to contact channels: with just one click, the customer can conveniently call or start a webchat with the switchboard. Users who have activated their position can be geo-localized by the app in real-time, which will be able to provide information and detailed indications on the specific position.

  1. Get a competitive advantage

While most companies have adapted to the rich world of apps, perhaps your business is still positioned in a modest niche where competitors do not offer cutting-edge applications. If so, you can turn the situation to your advantage as a differentiator. You can also customize the app with unique features that others don’t have. The possibilities are truly endless, you just need to be able to grasp them!

  1. Expand your market coverage

Without the support of a well-developed app, you could lose an entire market segment that simply prefers to do business by operating that way. A quick ploy to understand if you are positioned in a market dependent on mobile devices is to look at the percentage of visitors accessing your website via smartphone. It also uses common sense, which could, for example, suggest that young consumers are more likely to want to transact through a modern app than mature B2B buyers.

  1. Create loyalty

What is the best way to create interest with your customers if you don’t put the brand directly in the users’ pocket? Unlike websites designed for mobile devices, apps are always visible on the user’s home screen. Customers are more likely to interact repeatedly with companies at hand, so apps are a great way to build customer loyalty.

  1. Improve speed

The apps developed for mobile devices open faster than an elaborate mobile website; many basic options of the app are in fact usable even without a stable Internet connection. In today’s complicated digital world, we are dealing with a real race to provide services and products to the customer as quickly as possible, where the winner of the competition will undoubtedly earn more customers.

  1. Get feedback

You can easily get useful information from your customers by running a simple in-app survey or by analyzing the reviews left by users directly in the App Store.

  1. Maintain control of the customer relationship

The apps are a platform that allows you to have a direct relationship with the customer, without intermediaries. It is more likely that you will be able to keep the conquered buyers once you know who they are, where they are and how to reach them. Mobile apps may not be the best move for any company. However, for most of them, the choice represents enormous general advantages and an easily calculable ROI (Return of Investment).

Other reasons why your business needs a mobile App

Requests regarding the development of a constructive and efficient app are increasing year by year. The realities involved in the modern technological era multiply visibly; how to improve your business world? Why should you absolutely consider building a mobile app for your business?

You’ll notice that recently, many small companies you interact with in everyday life have their own dedicated mobile app – be it the corner café or the beauty salon in the city centre. These companies are playing in advance, studying an excellent strategy to bring the marketing plan to the next level.

Cultivate customer loyalty

The main reason why you should consider while developing a mobile app is customer loyalty. With all the traffic out there – billboards, flyers, street signs, flashing signs, website banners, newspaper ads, coupons, websites, Facebook ads, and Email Marketing – we slowly lose our influence on clients because of the huge amount of advertising that surrounds us everywhere. It’s time to return to creating a real and honest connection with your clients, making them loyal supporters of your product and/or service. We are not saying that a mobile app can save your business, it is simply a way to get closer to customers, always being just a click away!

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