Email Marketing

Are you using the #1 communication tool?

Email marketing may be one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it is tried and true. Did you know that at least 91% of consumers check their email daily? Today, email is the most popular medium to communicate. This is the reason why it should be part of your marketing plan.

Four reasons to use email marketing

  1. Everyone uses it! There are over 1.4 billion people worldwide who have emails. Within the United States, 91% of online adults use email frequently.
  2. One of the cheapest and most effective marketing methods. Did you know that the return on investment is approximately $43 for every $1 invested and the retention rate is 37%? With emails, there is no printing or postage costs. The only cost would be time invested.
  3. Emails can be used for a variety of marketing purposes. You can:
    a. Create new leads
    b. Promote your website and social media
    c. Connect with current clientele
    d. Add value to your company brand
  4. Instant. Measurable. Variable. Email marketing can be done now. Actions and results of that email’s success can be measured. And the information can be changed with every new email, catered to the target recipients.

What you should be doing in your email marketing

Capture their attention. 33% of emails are opened based on the subject.Mass communications are no longer popular. Make your subject personable and unique. Remember, people want to connect with you. They want to know you care about them as an individual. When possible, include their name within the subject line.

Email smartly. Do not spam your subscribers. 69% of subscribers will unsubscribe if they receive too many emails.

Be visually appealing. 88% of recipients prefer a visually captivating HTML email vs receive a plain text email. Balance the ratio of pictures to text and you’re sure to increase recipient engagement with your emails.Keep your company on your customer’s mind. Google remarketing engages your audience even after they leave your website. This tool displays your ads to your target audience while they browse the web; search for related websites; or even when visiting a competitor’s site. How cool is that? You can take advantage of this powerful tool by simply adding a code to your web pages.

Use our experience in email marketing

Email marketing is not dead. Need help creating a visually attractive but informative email marketing campaign? I Think an Idea knows how to use email marketing to your advantage. Whatever your goals, we know how to create a campaign they’ll want to read.

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