Who Still Uses Email?: Shocking Statistics on Email Marketing

Email Marketing Basics


On a personal level, many people have all but stopped using traditional email accounts to keep

in contact with people. Most inboxes are filled with spam and a fine layer of virtual dust for

having not been touched in months, or even years. People just don’t bother with email like they

used to, but the same is not true for the business side.

Email is one of the most widely used forms of communication in the business world. It is very

effective for communication, offering an inexpensive solution with an easy way to keep in touch.

Many people do choose to print their emails, but the good majority keep them online, saving

paper and ink, along with time. In business, email serves a very strong purpose. Virtual

communication cannot replace all face-to-face interactions, but any SEO company will tell you

that email is the key to communication for many businesses.

Email Marketing Basics

Many go through a professional SEO agency to assist with email marketing campaigns, while

others might choose to take the path alone. Regardless, email marketing is still a very useful

tool for businesses looking for ways to reach their customers.

Email Marketing by the Numbers

For starters, the majority of email marketing campaigns are currently holding an unsubscribe

rate of less than half a percent (0.452% overall). This means that while you can’t be sure that

people are reading the emails, they certainly aren’t turning them down. Subscriptions are still

growing for email campaigns and as more companies offer incentives, it is only likely to get

bigger from here.

Most industries report up to a 20-25% open rate with average click rates of two to three percent.

While this sounds small, it’s actually quite a high number for the average email marketer. Here

are some more statistics to keep in mind:

? 247 billion emails are sent out on a daily basis.

? Every $1 spent on email marketing earns an average return of $45.

? 95% of online consumers still use email

? Estimated email users in the U.S. by 2017: 236.8 million

? Email-targeted consumers spend as much as 138% more than those who don’t receive

marketing emails

? 48% of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

? Email is still 40 times better at new customer acquisition than Twitter and Facebook.

? 90% of consumers would rather receive updates via email

It’s All About Communication

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you communicate with your audience so long as you are being

successful. However, the modern SEO company will be the first to tell you that your business

needs to capitalize on email marketing, for many reasons. First of all, this method of

communication is simple and free (or really cheap) to use. Plus, email can be automated in a

matter of seconds, saving you plenty of time and effort on your marketing campaigns.

Every consumer is different, but they do share one view: email marketing is still an effective tool.

While some inboxes are collecting dust and constantly showing triple-digit numbers, others are

used on a daily basis, preferred as a method of contact, and set up to create success for many

brands that utilize email marketing campaigns. In fact, the leading SEO agency will still provide

email marketing services to clients as a primary source of marketing because they understand

the power that this tool has.

It’s been an ongoing debate as to whether email marketing is still alive and well, but the fact of

the matter is that it does have plenty to offer. We truly believe, and so do our clients, that quality

leads and sales potential can be found through email campaigns, provided they are done

effectively. Before you throw out the idea of email marketing, talk to an SEO company about

how much this tool can actually offer.

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