YouTube and You: An In-Depth Look at Video Marketing

ITAI Video Marketing

Videos are becoming one of the hottest pieces of content in the online marketing world.

Buzzfeed, YouTube, Facebook, and even Instagram are all seeing thousands of video posts

and shares on a daily basis and it seems like all the big social media marketing companies are

talking about it. Naturally, that lends itself to the thought that perhaps video marketing would be

a good tool for your branding.

Social media marketing companies report that video marketing campaigns are seeing 2-3 times

as much success as other content marketing strategies. There is not a social media marketing

service out there that won’t tell you that you need video marketing for success. Of course, you

also need to understand videos and how they can help your branding.

What Videos do I Use?

The videos that you share with your audience on social media depend on the type of impression

that you are trying to make, the information you want to offer, and what you want your reputation

to be. Obviously, you need to share videos that are not crude or offensive, and stay away from

hot button topics that could negatively impact your reputation or get you involved in an online

debate. Politics, religion, and adult content are the big ones to avoid.

"I Think An Idea" utilizes video content to optimize SEO for your company.

Can I Just Share Videos?

If you don’t actually have the desire or means to create videos for your brand, sharing and

engaging with users through videos is a good way to go. There are definitely a lot of ways that

you can create your own videos for successful marketing, as all social media marketing services

will tell you. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to make them. Find what works for you.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to use the tools that work, including videos.

Isn’t a video on YouTube just like a commercial (which most people hate)?

There is so much more to YouTube video creation. Very few companies actually use the site to

create commercials or sales-type ads. What you can create with this video site is a total sense

of authority for your brand and business. You can provide firsthand insight and information,

valuable one-on-one consulting advice, and other resources that people will appreciate by

creating and sharing videos online.

According to social media marketing services, adding video marketing to your arsenal can

increase your marketing success exponentially. Plus, it’s an easy addition to make. Whether

you choose to aggregate content or create your own, our social media marketing service is here

to help if you need it.

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