What Every Content Marketer Should Do in 2017


Writing content and posting it on your blog and social media accounts is only one part of the content marketing equation. If this isn’t helping to build your traffic, it’s because you are missing key ingredients, such as search engine optimization, a content marketing strategy and social media marketing plan. There are many aspects to content marketing that many brands are missing out on. You can avoid this by connecting with a professional SEO service that can build a solid foundation for your content.

Make 2017 the year you get a real return on investment from your content marketing. You can do that by doing the following.

Create Purposeful Content

Writing content just for the sake of writing isn’t going to cut it. Each piece you create should be done for a specific purpose. It should implement specific keywords, have an eye-catching title and suit your overall campaign goals. If it’s being used to drive more traffic or to complete a call to action, then make sure you use the right topics and language. The more targeted your content is, the better it will perform. There are local SEO companies in Los Angeles that can help with your content creation.

Try Different Forms of Content

Don’t just commit to one type of content this year. Make it your mission to explore and play the field a little. Blog posts are great and likely always will be. But there are other types of content that are doing quite well, such as videos, live videos, infographics and social media posts with images and memes. But what should really catch your eye in 2017 is live streaming – that’s starting to really take off for brands.

Track Everything

Data is your best friend, when it comes to content marketing. This will let you know what’s working and what isn’t. What’s left for you to do then is to determine why, which can be identified easier with a bit of A/B split testing. You can hire professional SEO services provider for help with analyzing your data and running tests.

Create a Niche

Whatever niche you choose, stay there. The purpose of a niche is to give your brand an identity customers can grow accustomed to. So if you start off offering tips for homesteading, don’t switch it up to talk about current events in the celebrity industry. The niche you choose should resonate with your brand and customers, so that your content doesn’t come off as unauthentic.

This can be the year your content marketing finally takes off. Hire the help of an  SEO company that is known to provide professional service to see results even quicker.

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